Lee Nursing Students Present Research

Friday, October 27, 2017 - by Naudia O’Steen, Lee University
Lee nursing students in front of their presentation at a TNA and TASN conference with Amy Blake. From left, Jordan Manning, Katy Cox, Blake, Kally Kienlin, and Jessica Slocum.
Lee nursing students in front of their presentation at a TNA and TASN conference with Amy Blake. From left, Jordan Manning, Katy Cox, Blake, Kally Kienlin, and Jessica Slocum.

Lee University School of Nursing students recently presented original research at the Tennessee Nurses Association and Tennessee Association of Student Nurses Joint Conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

Led by Amy Blake, lecturer in nursing at Lee, students developed a presentation, “Getting Rid of Germs Starts Early,” which was presented to 2nd and 3rd grade classes at Mayfield Elementary in Cleveland. 

“Handwashing is the first line of defense in stopping the spread of germs,” said Professor Blake. “We chose this project because multiple nursing students at various levels in the program could be involved and teaching elementary age students about the importance of handwashing allows us to shape their behavior and hopefully the outcome of infection control.” 

The nursing students educated the elementary students on how easily germs are spread; when and how to use soap, water, and hand sanitizer; and how to wash hands properly. Each child then participated in a hand-washing activity.

“It was so neat to see the impact of education right before my eyes and to experience the children's enthusiasm and eagerness to learn as we taught them how to properly wash their hands,” said Jessica Slocum, a junior nursing student. “It is so exciting to know that as a student nurse, I made a difference in a few kids' lives by empowering them to promote health and prevent illness in their classroom, in their family, and in their community.” 

According to Professor Blake, the presentation incorporated a song to encourage students to wash for 15-20 seconds and used a black light to show results before and after washing. 

For more information about the presentation or Lee’s School of Nursing, contact Professor Blake at ablake@leeuniversity.edu. 

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