Police Blotter: Business Owner Suspects One Of His Sisters In Tire Slashing

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A man said he was driving in the area of 1900 E. 32nd Street when an unknown black male threw a brick through his rear driver side window. An officer observed the damaged window and the brick inside. At this time, police have no suspect information or leads. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

* * *

A Hixson resident said he received a call from a man who said his name was Rick Martin and he had an offer for him. If he would go to his local Dollar General store and purchase a $200 insurance card and give him the pin to the insurance he would deposit $5,000 into his bank in 15 minutes. The man provided his bank information and headed over to his local Dollar General and to call Mr. Martin to get more information. However, the number was no longer in service and he grew suspicious of a potential scam. About noon, he received another call form a different phone number and the caller claimed to be from Internal Revenue and never gave a name. The man "then did his research and found out that these number were linked to fraud and decided to call the police."

* * *

Officers spoke with the drivers of three vehicles on I-24 Eastbound. The driver of the Freight CL 120 (tow truck) stated the driveshaft from his truck fell off the vehicle and into the road. As a result, the vehicles in traffic behind the tow truck were unable to move out of the way of the parts that fell from the truck. This caused a Volkswagen to hit the approximately six-foot driveshaft and then pull to the side of the road where he noticed he had two flat tires and oil was coming out from under his car. A Mercedes also was unable to move out of the way and hit the same driveshaft and caused her to pull to the side of the road where she found out she had a flat tire as well. The tow truck was towed by Donny Bells Towing out of Georgia to their place of business. 

* * *

At the Quality Inn and Suites on Cummings Highway, a man reported that he parked his black 2016 Honda in the parking lot. When he got up the next morning the motorcycle was gone. The motorcycle that was parked beside hiswas damaged at the ignition and handlebars.

* * *

Police spoke to the night clerk at the Mapco Express on Highway 58. He said around 2:45 a.m., two unknown black males  one wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans and the other wearing a black jacket and black pants - came into the store. They picked up six 12-packs of Budweiser beer and walked toward the counter as if they were going to pay for the beer. Instead when they got close to the door they ran out of the store and got in a silver car. They left in an unknown direction without paying for the beer. 

* * *

Alvin Phillips said his two driver side tires had been slashed on E. Main Street. The suspect was seen on footage from the business. The suspect is a white female wearing glasses and a white top. The suspect is seen messing with the tires. The tires had visible puncture marks. Mr. Phillips viewed the footage and stated the suspect was his sister, Joyce Phillips. Mr. Phillips did wish to prosecute. Later Mr. Phillips phoned police to inform he had made a mistake on the identity of the suspect and the correct suspect was his other sister, Edna Phillips. Both Phillips sister currently reside at the Chatt Inn, 2000 E 23rd St, according to Mr. Phillips. Mr. Phillips identified Ms. Joyce Phillips as the suspect based upon the footage and a driver's license picture original. He changed the suspect to Ms. Edna Phillips later when the image was enlarged from the video footage. Police said, "Due to the change in the suspect and Mr. Phillips having difficulty focusing on the matter while police were on scene, further follow up will be conducted to confirm the suspect of the vandalism. No further police action is able to be taken at this time."

* * *

At the Cummings Highway Mapco, an officer spoke with the owner of a blue 2012 Mazda3. Allen McCullough said he left his vehicle running due to it being chilly outside. He looked at the pump number from inside and noticed the vehicle was gone. It was last seen traveling east on Cummings Highway. 

* * *

Also at the Cummings Highway Mapco, a woman informed police that while she was inside the gas station someone had entered her vehicle and taken her I-phone 6. Police were able to watch security footage of part of the parking lot and observed a white car enter and leave the parking lot without purchasing anything. However, the victim's car was not in view of the camera. The victim called the phone and an unknown male answered the call saying that she would never get her phone back. The suspect then turned off the phone and it could not be tracked. 

* * *

At a residence on Council Fire Drive, A woman said she came outside to her vehicle and found someone had entered it and stolen her Ralph Lauren briefcase. She said the briefcase contained an unknown brand laptop, Goochie sunglasses and misc. paperwork/files - all valued at at least $3,351. A couple of day laters, officers checking out a burglary on Gunbarrel Road found papers from the Council Fire break-in.

* * *

Near the Brainerd Walmart, the glass on City Gear's front door was broken. Police saw tire marks in front of the door. Police spoke with Wal-Mart's Loss Prevention, who were able to locate video surveillance of the incident. On the video surveillance, police saw a white 4-door automobile drive up to the front of City Gear. The vehicle jumped the curb and hit the glass front door. After a few moments, the driver of the vehicle got out of the vehicle and ran up to the door. The driver then immediately got back into the vehicle and drove off.

* * *

Two employees of Alleia Restaurant on E. Main told police that their purses had been stolen off of a table inside the restaurant. Upon investigation it was determined that an employee had left the side door wide open with a plain view open to the public of the purses sitting on a table. Fellow employees had helped the victims search the area and were able to recover one of the purses and two of the wallets. All of the items the purse and wallets had contained had been removed and left empty. Police searched the area for further belongings but were unable to locate anything. There was no positive description of any suspect at the time.

* * *

Dietrick Benn said when he returned home he found his clothing in the side yard. He said his girlfriend, Talisa Thomas, was mad that he was out all night at a homecoming party. Police spoke to Ms. Thomas who stated that she was upset because he just left the night before. She said she threw his clothes out because Mr. Benn threw her clothes outside several months ago when she stayed out all night. Ms. Thomas agreed to bring the clothing inside and Mr. Benn voluntarily left to let things cool down.




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