Yes To Suppressors - And Response (2)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Roy, in most things you post you and I generally see pretty close to “eye to eye”.


That said, I think, if I read your article correctly, you’ve missed the mark on the “silencer” issue before Congress.


First of all, the device is a suppressor, not a “silencer”.


Suppressors do not make a firearm, especially a weapon firing a supersonic speed bullet, “silent”.


They will bring the crack of a rifle or handgun down to a level that is less dangerous for the shooters hearing, but they are still plenty loud.


I’ve fired several suppressed guns in my life but never without some form of hearing protection on anyway.


Suppressors are a requirement for hunting rifles in many European country’s today, in fact, it is considered a noise nuisance issue to shoot without one across the pond.


A suppressor is not a “weapon of mass destruction” as was stated, but is a firearm accessory, just like a replacement stock, sights, slings, etc, etc.


All the legislation before Congress does is remove a suppressor from the NFA requirements of a lengthy (think six to nine months) background check and the forking over of a $200 tax.


The tax, by the way, is paid whether you pass the checks or not.


Under the new bill, suppressor purchases will be handled like any firearm purchase with an instant background check by a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.


Even though a suppressor is not a firearm but is, like I stated earlier, an accessory.   


Suppressors are not a “weapon” of choice for criminals due to the fact that they add significant weight and length to any firearm they are installed on.


This hinders the criminals ability to conceal an illegal weapon too much to allow their  use in commission of crimes.


Check out the website of the American Suppressor Association, Roy. It will help clear up the common myths and misconceptions about “silencers” that are circulating today.


Oh by the way Roy, I think you’re wrong about A.P. Stewart staying on the courthouse lawn, in this day and age of American “Talibans” and spineless jellyfish for community leadership, A.P. is a goner.


I wouldn’t bet the price of a can of Coca-Cola on the County Commission standing up to the “special snowflakes” and their need to “Taliban” the history of Hamilton County and the South.


John T. Sanders


* * *



You say that a "a gun never killed anyone" and that our nation needs to "...get a grip on mental illness..." in order to silence gun grabbers, yet in the same breath you talk of suppressors as if they are worse than guns. You clearly want suppressors to remain on the NFA list and for a vaguely defined "assault rifle to be added.  So which is it, Roy? Do inanimate objects kill people or not?
Tim Giordano

* * *

No, we shouldn't ban cars, pressure cookers, kitchen knives, cleaning chemicals or anything else of the sort that might be used to hurt people. Cars are for transportation, cookers and knives are for cooking, and chemicals are for cleaning. If any of them are used as a weapon, they're being abused.

When a gun kills somebody, it is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

Stop drawing these absurd equivalences between guns and modern tools of convenience. No one's buying it.

Something else you can stop is splitting hairs over technical specs and whether a gun is an "assault rife", a "military rifle", or a "sporting rifle". There's not a single family member of a Las Vegas victim who'd find comfort in the knowledge their loved one was murdered by what was "technically a sporting rifle". 

No one cares what you call guns. They were made to do the maximum amount of harm to the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of time. (I don't want to hear about your "sport hunting" nonsense - if you're using a gun like that against any kind of animal, no hunter I know would consider that "sporting")

You want to show the police officers we respect so much that "Blue Lives Matter"? Make it so they don't have to worry every day about being killed with these monstrosities.

Last week in Vegas we saw exactly what could be done with legally obtained firearms. Enough is enough. 

Your dumb hobby is getting people killed, and no hobby is worth the loss of innocent lives.

Ray Ingraham

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