A Nation Of Show, Not Substance

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
I really wish that Roy Exum were right .... that the statue of General A. P.Stewart would remain on the County Courthouse grounds.  

But, I also know that the United States has become a nation of show - not substance - of image -not depth - and of politicians' taking the easy way out for the quick dollar or vote so I believe that the Commission will cave to the loudest crowd and vote to request removal.  

So what of substance will come from the removal?  Actually, nothing.  The statue is not in a courtroom where it could possibly influence decisions; it is not in the Commission room in which public meetings are held;  it is not even at an entrance to the courthouse through which people enter any more.  

Will anyone's life be significantly better when the statue is removed and public money is wasted in the process?  No. 

The only results of removing  the statue will be a few votes for the pandering politicians who probably don't even know the real history of General Stewart and a reinforcing of the belief that if a few people yell loudly enough they can get anything they do not like removed from public grounds. 

So, who is next?  Statues of  George Washington.....Thomas Jefferson.....Benjamin Franklin....or maybe even the American flag when the act of kneeling during the National Anthem reaches a new low and the athletes want the flag taken down.

Tim McDonald

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