Thank You, County Commission - And Response (2)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Thank you, County Commissioners Chester Bankston, Jim Fields, Joe Graham, Randy Fairbanks, Greg Martin and Tim Boyd, for standing up and supporting what is right.

The idea of removing the bust of Confederate General A.
P. Stewart
 is completely wrong and motivated by racism, bigotry and a lack of knowledge of our country, the United States of America.

In  1868, President Andrew Johnson pardoned Confederate soldiers. Should we not accept this and go on about our lives as we have for over a century and a half? 

Allow these dead men peace as we cannot judge them for what occurred 150 years ago under the lens of today. 

People cry out about the Confederacy and slavery in the same breath. Perhaps they should look around the world and use their efforts to fight and eradicate slavery where it is still found today.  

It is said that if we forget history we are doomed to repeat it.

Dwayne Cales
 * * *
 Well, Mr. Exum, I find I owe you an apology as far as the Hamilton County Commission and Major General  Alexander P. Stewart's bust on the courthouse lawn.


It seems that our commission does have some spine after all and has voted six to two to allow his bust to stay put, for now at least.


You were right and I was wrong, but you’ll have to forgive me for being just a wee bit cynical about the issue, in light of recent events.


I would have lost that can of Coke if we had actually shook on it.


Now let’s see what the “American Taliban” comes up with next in the seemingly never ending effort at erasing history in the United States.


I can’t wait.


John T. Sanders 


* * * 


I am glad to admit that Roy Exum was right and that my guess about the County Commission's vote on removing the statue of General A. P. Stewart was wrong.

It is refreshing to hear voices of reason and sense in the county courthouse.  It  is also refreshing to see that the Commission was apparently not willing to throw away public money on something unnecessary, particularly in this day of tight budgets.  

Thank you again, county commissioners.

Tim McDonald 

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