Emotional Solutions - And Response (2)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

During this time of national sadness, emotions are raw and many are calling for "emotional solutions" to a real world problem.  

Emotional solutions rarely ever accomplish anything. 

There are some issues that have no practical, or emotional solution.  No law can prevent evil. 

Bob Bogart 

* * * 

No, we will never be rid of evil. But that doesn't mean we just shrug it off and fail to act. Laws are there to take away evil's power to do harm. 

The 13th Amendment repealing slavery, the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are a few examples of laws in place to prevent evil behavior. 

When politicians say "now is not the time to politicize" an issue in the wake of a tragedy (as they inevitably do), it's nothing more then them trying to put as much distance between their immoral stances and the despicable events that make them indefensible.  

In short, the truth makes them look bad. Which is exactly the right time to press the issue. 

Ray Ingraham

* * *

Mr Ingraham, Mr Bogart, is correct. And it has nothing to do with slavery, women's suffrage or the Civil Rights or Voting Rights Acts. It has to do with self-protection and the Constitution. 

Rahm Emanuel, former Obama chief of staff, is infamous for two things: mayor of Chicago, a city with very tough gun restrictions and laws. But even with those laws, over 3,500 murders have taken place since he became mayor-503 were shot and killed this year to date. Mayor Emanuel is also known for his statement, "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste." That's here and now and that's a Leftist politicizing a tragedy to further his leftist agenda. That's what Mr. Bogart means. 

The Leftist Cabal in this country wants to do away with the Second Amendment-plain and simple. And their actions and words give them away. But in reality, they want to do away with it for you and me, not them. 

Carl Rowan, once a Far Left Washington Post columnist, frequently used his syndicated column to attack the NRA and private ownership of guns. In one such column dated January 21, 1981, Rowan stated, "anyone found in possession of a handgun other than a legitimate officer of the law goes to jail." Yet on the night of June 17, 1988, Mr Rowan hearing what he described later as intruders, fired his unregistered handgun and wounded an 18-year-old who had jumped his fence to swim in his pool. Then instead of being a witness to an unlawful entry, Rowan was the defendant charged with shooting someone with an unregistered handgun. 

What we need more than anything is to stop politicizing tragedies. And if anyone thinks so-called gun control and gun free zones are the answer, look at San Bernardino and Antioch, Tn. The San Bernardino shooting took place in a heavily regulated state regarding guns and in a gun free zone. The criminals had the guns not the law abiding who became the victims. In Antioch, which we heard very little about in the subjective news media, had not the usher possessed a legally owned handgun and used it, there is no telling how many more law abiding, innocent people would have been killed by the criminal. 

Yes, we need serious, on point discussions and we probably need more control over what is on the internet to teach people weapon conversion or how to make bombs. But then the left would scream "censorship." And we need more investment in mental health and discussions on signs of instability. But what will the Left say about that? 

Ralph Miller

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