In-Town Gallery Hosts 43rd Holiday Show In November

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Greenway Farm Path by Gay Arthur
Greenway Farm Path by Gay Arthur

The November show at In Town Gallery marks the arrival of new works as the gallery refreshes twice a year.   From May to November both artists and craftspeople work to create a new body of work.  There will be an opening reception on Friday from 5-8 p.m. at 26A Frazier Ave.

There will be works by Marie Bergheimer, Margaret Park and Linda Wicksell. 

Review for the artists: 

Marie Bergheimer, born in Savannah, Ga., received a BFA in painting and drawing from UTC. Ms.  Bergheimer draws on her early memories of the low country: tidal waters, salt marshes beaches and horizons.  Her “Oratorio” series is inspired by small niches found in walls throughout the Mediterranean world. 

Chicago transplant, Margaret Park, studied at several area art schools  including American Academy of Art and School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Eye catching and colorful, floral watercolors are carefully planned then take on lives of their own during the execution of the works.  Strong light plays an important part in her series of tree paintings. 

Linda Wicksell grew up in Massachusetts and studied at the Modern School of Fashion Design in Boston.  Later living in California was followed by 28 years in Maryland, where she worked in banking.  Years of art study and taking workshops created the foundation for the abstract expressionist works in pastel and acrylic she now produces.  

Swarm car hood by Denice Bizot
Swarm car hood by Denice Bizot

In-Town Gallery Hosts In The Moment Exhibit By Traci Paden

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Chattanooga Photographic Society Presents Youth Photography Showcase March 20

The Photographic Society of Chattanooga will present the Youth Photography Showcase Awards Program on Tuesday, March 20.  The Showcase is a culmination of the Youth Photography contest for local high school students.  A slide show of the entries will be presented, and the winners will be recognized and receive awards.  The presentation will begin at 7 p.m. ... (click for more)

Police Call Incident At Hamilton Place Mall "Aggravated Riot"; One Juvenile Injured During Stampede

Chattanooga Police are terming an incident at Hamilton Place Mall on Saturday night an "aggravated riot."   Police said there has been no confirmation that any shots were fired, but there was a stampede out of the mall after word spread of a gun incident.   One juvenile was injured and taken to the hospital during the panic and scramble from the mall.   ... (click for more)

Chattanooga Student Leaders Plan Action Against Gun Violence

Students from across Hamilton County gathered at 901 Lindsay St. on Sunday to discuss the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and make plans to take action against gun violence. The student leaders decided to encourage local participation in the National School Walkout on March 14 and the March for Our Lives event on March 24. The group’s next meeting will be held next Sunday ... (click for more)

The Logic of Hysteria: A Hometown Look from A Thousand Miles Away

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Roy Exum: Why CNN Is Gonna Croak

I believe CNN (Cable News Network) has become one of the most disappointing news sources America has ever known in the last five years. The bastions of sound journalism no longer exist as the once-great organization has gone the way of liberal loathing. Its new basis-of-fact cannot be trusted and the overwhelming bias against conservatives in our nation is as morbid as it is frightening. ... (click for more)