Unum Employees Rolling Out Red Carpet For Big Brothers Big Sisters This Friday

Thursday, November 2, 2017
To kick off this year’s Unum’s Beyond School Walls 2017/2018 partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga, Unum ‘Bigs’ will cheer and welcome this year’s ‘Littles’ as they walk the red carpet into Unum’s campus this Friday from 9:45-10:45 a.m. During this special welcome, Bigs will get reacquainted with their Littles (and meet new Littles) and catch up on the last school year.

The Beyond School Walls program seeks to pair Littles with Bigs at local employers so they can see and experience what it’s like to work in the community.
Unum is one of three community partners involved in Beyond School Walls and will serve nearly 30 students through the Unum program in the 2017/2018 school year. During visits to Unum, Littles will play games, learn about careers and build relationships with their Bigs one-on-one.

“The Atrium buzzes with excitement each week when the Littles are reunited with their Bigs,” said Emily Barrow, program manager at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga. “Unum employees are invested in making a difference for children in the community, and programs like Beyond School Walls change lives at a time when even the smallest choice can alter the course of a student’s future.”

Granada Drive To Be Closed Nov. 27 For Repairs

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation will close a section of Granada Drive between Provence Street and Gardner Street beginning  Monday, Nov. 27, for approximately 30 days for roadway repair.  This will be a full closure and detours will be posted.   In order to view a map of these  closures , go to  ... (click for more)

Rotary Club of Chattanooga Hamilton Place Holds Meeting With EXPLORE Health Host Ron Harr

Ron Harr, host of WTCI's local program, EXPLORE health, addressed the Rotary Club of Chattanooga Hamilton Place and discussed health topics that impact the local community.  "Sometimes the message isn't fun to hear, but it's too important to go unheard.  Ron raised our awareness about important health issues within our city, state and across our nation," officials ... (click for more)

Longest-Serving County Official Knowles Is First In Line To Sign Up For New Term

Bill Knowles is one of the longest-serving officials in Hamilton County history, and he's not through yet. County clerk since 1974, he was the first in line on Friday morning to pick up his petition for re-election. Then he beat everyone back with the completed form. Mr. Knowles said, "I ran in 1974 on a campaign of ending the long tag lines. We put in a tax by mail system ... (click for more)

River Gorge Explorer Will Log Final Cruises In January

After operating on the Tennessee River for more than nine years, Aquarium President and CEO Keith Sanford informed staff and volunteers that cruise operations aboard the River Gorge Explorer will be ending in January. “After developing a new strategic plan and carefully evaluating the Aquarium’s resources, we have decided to stop operating the boat,” said Mr. Sanford. “We are ... (click for more)

Signal Mountain Should Be Problem Solvers Around The City

Re: Roy Exum’s “Stay, Signal Mountain, Stay”  Well this article is something to think about. I think the split could go either way, and Signal Mountain schools would still flourish, as they have done for the past several years. What I'm worried about is why Signal Mountain has not yet had the guts to go be problem solvers at Howard, or Tyner, or Central. Why do ... (click for more)

Roy Exum: How Would I Vote?

I don’t know what to think or who to believe in the debacle surrounding Alabama’s Roy Moore and his quest for a Senate seat. I have no earthly idea what he did or how he acted 40 years ago. Heck, I can’t remember what I did or how I acted 40 years ago but I do recall I kissed some minors back then. To be real honest, they were the only ones that would let me, this because I was ... (click for more)