Police Blotter: Officers Make Quick Pants Purchase At Dollar General After Finding Naked Man Washing Clothes At Laundromat; Another Nudist Runs Along Downtown Streets

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dave Massengale said he was traveling north on Gunbarrel Road when he heard a weird noise and noticed his vehicle began to drive differently. He pulled over to the side of the roadway and noticed all of his tires had screws in them and then noticed that the roadway was covered in screws and a box was located along the roadway that was empty but had contained the same type of screws that were on the roadway. Mr. Massengale stated the tires would cost at least $2,000 to replace.

* * *

Police said a man was observed running naked north on Carter Street, then east on E. 10th Street and was finally stopped and detained at 1000 Lindsay Street. The unusual outing caused numerous bystanders to stop what they were doing and watch him run. Also, he caused some traffic to slow and stop. When asked why he was running through the streets while wearing no clothes, he stated he was running "because he sucks at his job." 

* * *

Michael Palevo, who is the pastor at the New Life Tabernacle on Brainerd Road, stated that a man he knows as "Jamal" was at the church and walked out with two tablets. He said the tablets were lying out in the open.

* * *

At the American Thrift Store at Northgate Mall manager Pat O'Rourke said that a man came in, changed his clothes and left his old clothes. The property left included a wallet, clothes and four dollars.

* * *

A loss prevention officer at Belk's at Northgate Mall saw two white males exiting the business with $263.45 worth of unpaid merchandise. The thieves hopped into a dark-colored 1999 Ford F-150 pickup truck and fled the scene along Northgate Mall Drive.

* * *

At Publix on N. Market St., personnel said a white female had been shoplifting and put $68 worth of cosmetics down her shirt before fleeing the store. A store employee was unable to identify the thief at the time and pictures were sent around for possible identification. The suspect was seen getting into a black sedan. 

* * *

2004 Anderson Ave. Upon arrival Officer Van Ness spoke with the complainant, Mr. Andrew Swann, who stated that he arrived at 2004 Anderson Ave. and left his vehicle unlocked while he ran a pizza inside to his girlfriend. While inside the residence, Mr. Swann stated that he heard tires squeal and upon going outside, Mr. Swann noticed that someone had stolen his rental vehicle ( 2018 Chevy Malibu TN ). Mr. Swann had no suspect information and no direction of travel. Mr. Swann did contact the Hertz rental company and tell them that his vehicle had been stolen. Mr. Swann did still have the key fob to the vehicle. Police entered the vehicle into NCIC under NIC # V679738037. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the stolen auto. 

* * *

An official at the Integra Vistas construction site at 6500 Highway 153 said his 2009 Cargo 10-foot enclosed trailer was stolen. The trailer was secured with a lock and forklift. A site superintendent said the suspect(s) had the tedious task of removing the tires from the trailer, pulling the trailer out from under the forklift and then replacing the tires before hauling it away. There was an on site security guard who observed a red truck inside the property around 4:30 a.m., but for unknown reasons did not stop to see who they were or what they were doing. The trailer also included thousands of items of building materials and tools. 

* * *

A man said he had stepped out to warm his 2000 Chevy Malibu on Mulberry Street and then proceeded back inside his residence. When he came back outside he noticed his vehicle had been stolen. 

* * *

An employee at the Brainerd Walmart said a white male (beard and in his 50's) passed all points of sales with a grocery cart full of items totaling $484.53. Security attempted to stop him, and this is when he left the cart behind and fled on foot. Security recovered the stolen items. 

* * *

At the Coin Laundry at 3800 Tennessee Ave. police located a naked, 68-year-old man. Police said he had "a very long and lengthy story about his current naked situation." It was explained to him "that the problem we had right now needed a quicker solution other than waiting for his clothes to finish washing and drying. The conclusion we came to was to run to the Dollar General next door and buy a cheap pair of shorts. This solution worked and the man stayed to finish washing his clothes.

* * *

Cedric Smith said there was no real emergency when he dialed 911. He said he accidentally "butt" dialed the emergency number and everything was fine.




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