Veteran Officer Beth Gomez Earns Employee Of The Month Honors In October For Whitfield County

Monday, November 27, 2017 - by Mitch Talley

When she’s not busy catching bank robbers, Deputy Beth Gomez of the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office stays on the go training other officers and helping as a volunteer with special-needs baseball players.

On Oct. 19, Deputy Gomez heard about a bank robbery and drove to the area, advising other deputies to go to certain intersections to help capture the offender if he decided to take those routes.

She soon spotted the get-away vehicle and stopped it. 

“She faced danger alone and demonstrated excellent officer safety skills,” Sergeant Darren Pierce said, “and communicated well with others during this highly dangerous and stressful event.”

Sgt. Pierce was one of three fellow officers who nominated Deputy Gomez as Whitfield County Employee of the Month for October.

“Deputy Gomez is the type of employee that everyone would love to have,” Sgt. Pierce said. “She sets good examples for others. It doesn’t matter how big, small, important, non-important or difficult the task may be, Deputy Gomez makes sure that she accomplishes the task/job at hand.”

One of those jobs is serving as field training officer (FTO) for her shift.

“She strives to make sure that each new recruit is trained to the best of her ability,” Sgt. Pierce said. “She takes pride in being our FTO and enjoys being part of this important program. Deputy Gomez takes the FTO program very serious and communicates well with the FTO coordinator on the progress of the new recruits. She has made the comment that she is very proud to be an FTO for our agency.”

Fellow officer Brandon Daugherty said the field training program is vital to the agency and the community. 

“It is important that the trainers represent the highest standards and expectations as new deputies will mirror these deputies,” Officer Daugherty said. “Deputy Gomez represents the standards and expectations of the sheriff’s office very well. She is a great example to new deputies as to what is expected by the agency and the citizens we serve.”

Lt. Juan Martinez, who also nominated Deputy Gomez, said that she is known as the “Mama Bear” by her trainees because she truly cares about every one of them and does everything she can to help them graduate from the field training program.

Officer Daugherty also pointed out that Deputy Gomez regularly participates as a volunteer with the Whitfield County Miracle League for special-needs baseball players.

“She has developed relationships with many of these players,” he said. “I have observed firsthand the smile she brings to these players’ faces.”

Catching the armed robber isn’t the only time Deputy Gomez has displayed excellence as a deputy. She received a commendation letter for a key role she played in solving a burglary (lifting a fingerprint from the crime scene that later led to the arrest of an individual with more than $100,000 in goods) and also received a letter of appreciation from a domestic violence victim that she helped.

“Deputy Gomez is a career employee who shows up every day with a great attitude and works hard,” Officer Daugherty said. “I, and others, regularly call her for help.”

To help local residents find out a little more about Deputy Gomez, she filled out the following fun questionnaire.

Name: Beth Gomez
Job title:  patrol deputy
Time with the county: 17½ years
Where I went to high school: Indiana 
My role as a county employee: To enforce the laws and protect the citizens’ rights of Whitfield County
What keeps my job interesting: The constant challenge and never knowing what the next call is going to be
What gives me a sense of accomplishment on the job: Training the next generation of patrol deputies 
The most important thing I’ve done on the job: Being field training officer
Where I grew up: Cleveland, Tn.
Family: Husband Adrian, daughters Kimberly Miller and Ashely Hawkins, and stepson Alex Gomez
After work, I enjoy: Relaxing at home with my husband
Community activities: Working at Miracle Field during the summer and fall ballgames
Favorite TV show:  First 48 Hours
Favorite sport/sport team:  Crossfit
Favorite meal: Tacos 
Favorite song: “Go Rest High on That Mountain”
Favorite Whitfield County restaurant: El Rey on East Morris
Favorite Whitfield County event: Miracle Field
You can pick three people to have dinner with (anyone from any time in history) – who are your choices and why? John F. Kennedy - very interesting man; Johnny Cash - the road that he had to travel to become the singer that he was; John Wayne - reminds me a lot of my father and love watching him in his movies
I’m most proud of: My career at the Sheriff’s Office
Cats or dogs? Both – six dogs and two cats
Cake or pie? Cake
Favorite car? Nissan Maxima 
Host or be hosted? Be hosted
Early riser or sleep-in: Sleep-in 
Favorite vacation ever: Pensacola trip with my co-workers
Pet peeve: Lazy people and ignorance 
If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s: To treat people like I want to be treated 
Who has had the most impact on my life: My family
What’s left on my bucket list: Want to go on a cruise to Alaska
If I could have been in any profession of my choosing, I would have been a: Patrol officer
If I could have two wishes, they would be: Make the world a better place, and take hate out of the world 
You’d be surprised to learn that I: Am a grandmother of three beautiful girls - Madison 11, Sophie 6, and Caroline 2 weeks old
The best advice I ever got: Treat people with respect

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