Does Trickle Down Economics Help The Middle Class?

Monday, November 27, 2017
All of my friends who read this will have their rehearsed defense or hated rhetoric, either side, claiming to have the right answer on tax reform. My question is what is the right answer?
Most of us are aware that Reagan started what is called "trickle down economics."   We do not fully understand what it is or, importantly, what is it actually supposed to do? For starters the theory suggests that if we give corporations more money in the form of tax benefits all will be happy.
I am a very middle class taxpayer. How does giving more money to big corporations really help me? I know the answer some of you will suggest but can those that know the answer point to when, where and how these benefits actually helped me and the many millions of people just like me?
This is not a rhetorical question. I seriously would like to hear from some expert, not canned "smoke gets in your eyes" talk but factual data supporting huge tax benefits to the rich while I and my millions of brothers and sisters get crumbs.
 Our president so often during his almost one year has failed to convince me of nearly anything except the day of the week.  He is a master fibbing talking machine and Senator Alexander replied to my query by sending me the canned version of Republican speak.
I ask do we elect folk to represent us in Congress or do these folk represent only interests that benefit themselves and assure their re-election? Wonder if we could have a serious talk about politics in the United States?
Robert Brooks





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