Chattanooga Dyslexia Center Staff Attends International Dyslexia Conference

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Chattanooga Dyslexia Center staff, Rebecca Iwanczyk (speech-language pathologist) and Susan Sasse (psychologist) attended the International Dyslexia Conference in Atlanta. The conference was very practically minded, covering important aspects of Dyslexia treatment.

Multisensory reading programs like Orton-Gillingham and research based computer programs, such as Lexia, were showcased.  Cutting edge research was presented, including studies that pinpoint the areas of the brain that are needed for reading. An interesting new tech device promoted during the conference is the “C-Pen.” It is a small pen that scans a word or line of print and reads it orally to the student through a small ear-bud.

The focus of almost every speaker was “early intervention, early intervention, and early intervention.” But, if your child is already a teen and still needs help, there are programs designed for older students. For homeschoolers, take a look at High Noon Books – they are high interest, low level books that would help a smart kid who is a slow reader.

Did you know that the state of Tennessee has their own Assistive Technology office that gives free input and support? You can find out more at

Ms. Iwanczk and Ms. Sasse said they returned to Chattanooga reenergized to continue serving the struggling readers in the community. 

For information about reading and Dyslexia testing and intervention, please contact the Chattanooga Dyslexia Center at the Speech Language Reading Center at 877-5042. 

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