Skytec Becomes Third Unmanned Aircraft Operator In U.S. To Achieve ARGUS Rating

Friday, November 3, 2017

Skytec LLC, a provider of commercial unmanned aerial data acquisition, has become one of only three companies in the U.S. to achieve the ARGUS Gold rating for commercial unmanned aircraft operations. 

Designed to assess the operational safety of commercial unmanned aircraft operations, the ARGUS Audit Standard focuses on the operator’s efforts to conduct appropriate standardized operations for every flight. Operators with an ARGUS rating join a registry of commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems operators that have been fully vetted to support customer sourcing and due diligence requirements for internal operations and external vendor qualification. 

Skytec provides unmanned aviation and aerial data acquisition services with expertise in mapping, LiDAR and specialized sensors for applications across the environmental, engineering and natural resource sectors. 

The company frequently flies in demanding environments and over hard to navigate terrain, making rigorous safety protocols a top priority, according to Skytec CEO Bill Rogers.
“We are proud to become one of just three companies in the US to have achieved the ARGUS Gold Rating to date,” Mr. Rogers said. “The rating offers our customers one more level of assurance that we are committed to the highest standards of operational safety.” 

Skytec, which has also received special exemptions to fly unmanned aircraft systems in Class B air space and at night, uses a team of commercial and former military pilots working alongside Geographic Information System specialists and data analysts to create detailed three-dimensional maps and images for land management, heat-mapping, facilities inspections, site planning, conservation and restoration, and more. 

To become ARGUS Gold rated, unmanned operations must be a legal entity with applicable insurance, have at least one UAS in operation, go through an in-depth historical safety analysis, have pilots’ backgrounds checked, and UAS procedures and processes validated. 

“ARGUS is committed to creating greater safety awareness within the UAS industry through a fully-vetted registry of commercial unmanned operators,” said Joe Moeggenberg, ARGUS CEO and founder. “Skytec has demonstrated a high regard for safety and should be extremely proud of their achievement.”

Over the last 20 years, the ARGUS Gold and Platinum Ratings Program has become the most recognized and respected source of quality assessments on aircraft charter operators, making ARGUS rated commercial operators the preferred choice for the largest and most sophisticated consumers in the world. The ARGUS Unmanned standard audit program provides a pathway for commercial UAS operators to achieve Platinum recognition. 


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