Enough Is Enough

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Yes, I am like you, Senator Corker, when it comes to what is necessary for our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and laws to be honored, respected, implemented, sustained, and enforced as the people and our elected representatives in Congress intended as we put them in place over the past 226 years.  Likewise, I expect those elected to high office to carry them out without delay with a sense of honor, dedication, and respect consistent with their oath of office and the will of the people. 

I reject with anger and disgust the President's daily if not hourly mockery, disdain, criticism, threats, and common violations of the rights of our elected officials and confirmed cabinet representatives as well as our most cherished protections under the legislative and judicial provisions within our government as clearly set forth in statutes and blessed by our most Supreme Court system. 

The Congress has power over such lawlessness as well as assessment of the ultimate penalty for such illegal acts.  It is past time for them to be applied.  If your politics of the day interfere with carrying them out, resign.  You are perpetuating the harm and danger to our people and our country.  Our military, National Guard, and police have full-time jobs and they know when and how to use them to protect us.  They do not need an added cleanup because you failed to do yours.  Enough is enough.

Charlotte Parton

Equity Study - And Response

What exactly is an Equity Study? Is the the damage control that comes in the wake of the UnifiEd outburst a few weeks ago? I can save the board a whole lot of hassle since the mere mention of doing such a study means that the study will reveal inequities, regardless of any basis.  If they would like to throw a quarter million down the drain for 20 pages ... (click for more)

Coppinger And UnifiEd

I am writing in response to Mayor Jim Coppinger's puzzling quotes in Roy Exum's column this morning, wherein the mayor seems to disavow UnifiEd and its position on the socio-economic desegregation of our schools. On  April 5 , I attended a candidate forum hosted by the North Brainerd Neighborhood Council at the Eastdale Recreation Center gym. That evening, Mayor ... (click for more)

Jury Finds Donaldson Guilty Of Second-Degree Murder In Killing Of Son-In-Law

A Criminal Court jury late Friday afternoon returned a verdict of guilty of second-degree murder against Glen Donaldson in the killing of his son-in-law, Adam Levi. He is facing 15-60 years in state prison. Judge Don Poole will set the sentence at a sentencing hearing on July 12.  He has been free on bond, but was taken into custody after the verdict. The jury deliberated ... (click for more)

1st Vote On Controversial Signal Mountain Grocery Proposal Set June 13; Town To Choose Either Tennessee American Or Waldens Ridge For Water Service

The next steps in rezoning 617 Cauthen Way were discussed at the Signal Mountain work session Friday afternoon. Since the last council meeting, Town Manager Boyd Veal created a list of conditions to include in the zoning ordinance relating to the proposed commercial development designed to assure that there is no negative impact to the surrounding properties or to the interest of ... (click for more)

Summertown Stops Sale Creek's Bid For A State Class 1A State Softball Title, 7-5

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Sale Creek had its sight set on making some softball history Friday. The Lady Panthers reached their first TSSAA state softball championship with a 3-1 victory over Cascade, powered by a Trinity Liner three-run homer on her 18 th birthday. A few hours later, they wanted to beat Summertown and set up a second title game for all the marbles. ... (click for more)

Silverdale Wins D-II-A State Softball Title

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – Kaili Phillips got disqualified in the first inning of Thursday’s game against the Tipton-Rosemark Lady Rebels and nobody gave the Silverdale Lady Seahawks a snowball’s chance of winning that game. But they did. Nobody gave the Lady Seahawks much of a chance of repeating that feat less than 24 hours later in the winner-take-all final game, but once again, ... (click for more)