Enough Is Enough

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Yes, I am like you, Senator Corker, when it comes to what is necessary for our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and laws to be honored, respected, implemented, sustained, and enforced as the people and our elected representatives in Congress intended as we put them in place over the past 226 years.  Likewise, I expect those elected to high office to carry them out without delay with a sense of honor, dedication, and respect consistent with their oath of office and the will of the people. 

I reject with anger and disgust the President's daily if not hourly mockery, disdain, criticism, threats, and common violations of the rights of our elected officials and confirmed cabinet representatives as well as our most cherished protections under the legislative and judicial provisions within our government as clearly set forth in statutes and blessed by our most Supreme Court system. 

The Congress has power over such lawlessness as well as assessment of the ultimate penalty for such illegal acts.  It is past time for them to be applied.  If your politics of the day interfere with carrying them out, resign.  You are perpetuating the harm and danger to our people and our country.  Our military, National Guard, and police have full-time jobs and they know when and how to use them to protect us.  They do not need an added cleanup because you failed to do yours.  Enough is enough.

Charlotte Parton

Use Purse Building For Chattanooga Museum Of History And Industry

I was caught off-guard and pleasantly stoked by Eric Atkins' editorial on Chattanoogan.com last week suggesting that one of the soon-to-be surplused city buildings could be turned into a history museum.   I didn't think anyone other than myself that I didn't know cared, or at least would turn their thoughts into the topic of an editorial.  I believe that most of the ... (click for more)

Change Is Not A 4-Letter Word

Change is in the air, first with our season preparing to turn to fall, but hopefully and even more importantly, the structure of our city council. This year, we the voters have an opportunity to change the structure of who sits on our city council. This is one of the most critical election years that l can remember and it is so important that we as citizens work to facilitate change ... (click for more)

Authorities Say Hixson Man Shot And Killed His 15-Year-Old Son On Saturday Night; Also Killed Family Dog

Authorities said a Hixson man shot and killed his 15-year-old son on Saturday night. A report says Mike McElrath, 46, a former Hamilton County jailer, who was found naked at a neighbor's house, also killed the family dog. County deputies responded at 10:24 p.m. to 1846 Cotter Road. The residents said there was a man on their front porch who said he was "butt naked" and said ... (click for more)

Gary Douglas, 25, Shot Early Sunday Morning; Dewayne Stanley, 24, Is Arrested

Gary Douglas, 25, was shot early Sunday morning, and Dewayne Stanley, 24, was arrested.   The Chattanooga Police Department responded at approximately  3 a.m.   to a person shot on the 4700 block of Murray Lake Lane. Upon arrival, officers were able to locate Douglas, who was suffering from a non-life threatening gunshot wound.   Investigators ... (click for more)

Host Baylor 3-0 In Invitational Soccer Tournament

The Baylor girls soccer team won three games this past weekend in their own invitational tournament.   On Friday, Baylor beat Independence 2-0 in a game that was suspended due to lightning at the half.   Allya Cooper scored off an assist from Ara Rhodes and Mya McGee scored off an assist from Cambell Green.   Peyton Randolph earned the shutout ... (click for more)

Mocs Soccer Blanks Georgia Southern 3-0 Sunday Afternoon On The Road

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga earned a 3-0 shutout at Georgia Southern on a hot and humid  Sunday  afternoon. The Mocs start the season at 2-0 for the first time since 2009 and the Eagles are 0-2 in the opening weekend.   “Great performance on the road,” Chattanooga head coach Gavin McKinney said. “Georgia Southern is a tough opponent and we had ... (click for more)