City Calls For Citizen Participation On Budgeting For Outcomes Team

Monday, November 6, 2017

Applications are now open for citizens who are interested in participating in the city of Chattanooga’s Budgeting for Outcomes process, which helps determine how operating funds are allocated to community priorities. This is a new opportunity for Chattanoogans for the upcoming fiscal year 2019, and interested citizens can apply to serve on a results team. 

Applications will be open through Monday, Nov. 13. 

Citizens may apply online using the city’s Boards & Commissions platform at Applications are posted under “Budgeting for Outcomes FY19 Results Teams.” 

Citizens have an opportunity to shape the future of Chattanooga by helping decide where over $210 million is spent. By participating on a results team, they help evaluate budget offers from city departments and nonprofit partners and make recommendations for what should be funded. Besides providing insight into the workings of city government, serving on a results team is an opportunity to give feedback on the one-year plans of city departments and nonprofits in order to support innovation, collaboration, and better outcomes for Chattanoogans. 

Mayor Andy Berke introduced the BFO process in 2013 soon after taking office. Used in several cities throughout the United States, the method focuses on priorities and results when preparing city budgets. BFO encourages collaboration and efficiency between departments, to ensure the best use of taxpayer dollars. 

“By allowing citizens to apply to be on the results teams, it will create even more engagement with our budget process and city government,” said Mayor Berke. “Through an engaged community, we can build a stronger Chattanooga together that will lead to prosperity and a higher quality of life.” 

Through the BFO methodology, leaders in each department develop competitive proposals, which receive funding based on each plan’s ability to achieve meaningful results in key priority areas, also called results areas. Results teams review the proposals and give extra consideration for plans leveraging outside partnerships, increasing collaboration among departments, and promoting civic engagement. 

Rather than submitting department-wide proposals focused on total expenditures, under BFO, internal departments and external agencies must submit offers that clearly explain what outcomes they seek to achieve and how they will achieve those outcomes. Those offers are grouped by Priority Results Area, evaluated by Results Teams, and ranked by a set of predefined criteria. The rankings and feedback of the Results Teams form the recommendations for the budget. 

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