Don’t Add To The National Debt - And Response

Friday, December 1, 2017

What is happening to the national Republican Party that our elected representatives would seriously consider passing a tax reform bill that ultimately adds $1.5 trillion to the national debt? We already have a $20 trillion national debt. 

If the size of the current national debt is our “biggest threat to national security,” then this tax reform proposal needs to be defeated.  We need another plan that will actually begin bringing the debt down instead of pushing it up. 

Tim Gobble 

* * * 

Well Tim I could ask you the same thing..... 

Where were their (and your) voices during Obama's eight year reign and the explosion of nearly double the national debt?  You never once wrote about that, it was okay for the Democrats to send us into heavy debt but not okay for this administration to try to dig us out?  Really? 

My brother deals with several businesses in the west and those folks are delighted at the possibility of expensing equipment 100 percent in the year they are purchased and are already planning on business expansion which equals employment.  One cannot just look at one number without taking into account what a manufacturing explosion will mean to America. 

With more opportunities we'll reduce those on entitlement programs and they'll become taxpaying hard working individuals who no longer depend on the government to take care of them.  Along with the new found self respect we'll find housing begin to boom again, heck we may even see textiles come back to the area. 

The President has said that the days of you working two/three jobs and your neighbor not working at all but between all the government entitlements is making more than you are over.  I certainly hope so because I can't see the United States continuing on this path much longer.  Before you know it those that are working and keeping the country above water will either retire or just die and then what?  This is where Greece should come to your mind. 

Sue White

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