New CHI Memorial App Helps Guide Around Hospital Campus

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In an effort to simplify a hospital stay or visit, CHI Memorial has introduced a new free app that allows users to have a turn-by-turn directional guide around the Chattanooga campus. 

The CHI Memorial app includes inside maps for all floors of the main hospital.  The maps include points of interest for key locations such as cardiac services and the outpatient lab, as well as elevators, eateries, restrooms, nurses’ stations, and even the gift shop.  Points on the inside maps feature pictures and details about which entrance and elevators to use. 

QR codes have been placed throughout the entire facility.  When one of these QR codes is scanned with the CHI Memorial App scanner, it opens that point on the inside map, showing the user where he/she is and giving an opportunity to navigate to any location on any floor in the facility.  It’s quick and easy to use, said officials. 

Once the user selects a destination, the CHI Memorial app draws the path on the floor plan on the user’s smartphone and segments the path step-by-step while providing turn-by-turn instructions for each step. 

As the user walks each segment, he/she presses the green NEXT button and the map displays the next segment of the route. The software will display what is on the left or right confirming the user is going the right direction. 

The software picks the best path, including the correct elevators when going to different floors, and saves the user’s last route so he/she can “reverse” the path and navigate back to the entrance where he/she began. 

The CHI Memorial app has many other features like the “patient room finder”, “find a physician”, and “quick links” to common destinations.  To get this app, search for “CHI Memorial” in the app store and download for free.  Visit for more information about the app and to use the desktop version. 

This app utilizes PointsMap technology developed by Video Ideas Productions, a Chattanooga based company.  PointsMap is an online mapping software and app. This version is designed to aid healthcare facilities in providing the best experience to their patients and visitors.

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