Amazon Adventure 3D Arrives At IMAX May 26

New Giant Screen Film Takes Viewers To The Rainforest, Showcases Clever Natural Mimicry

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - by Thom Benson

In the Amazon Rainforest, awe-inspiring natural marvels are as varied as they are numerous, and some of the most extraordinary of all hide in plain sight. Literally. 
On May 26, the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater will debut Amazon Adventure 3D. This giant-screen production from award-winning SK Films transports viewers back in time to join naturalist and explorer Henry Walter Bates on what’s been called the most extraordinary scientific adventure of all time. While braving perilous storms and contracting diseases that left him on death’s door, Bates doggedly investigated the astonishing ways animals blend into their environment and protect themselves from predators by mimicking the patterning of more dangerous prey.

Filmed on location in the lush Amazon region, Amazon Adventure 3D is a compelling detective story filled with dramatic wildlife footage. Insects and fish that look like leaves, lizards that look like vines, and even birds that appear to be dead branches are only revealed upon closer inspection. When shown using the immersive IMAX with Laser projection system, these natural tricksters appear extraordinarily vivid and almost touchable.
Much like the sense of scientific discovery imparted by Flight of the Butterflies 3D, another SK Films production, Amazon Adventure 3D takes viewers places you might not normally go to see amazing creatures you might not otherwise encounter.
“Walking in the footsteps of Henry Walter Bates, audiences get to follow the clues and see one of the most import discoveries about life unfold,” said Executive Producer Sean B. Carroll. “We hope this film shows where curiosity and perseverance can lead and inspires younger and older viewers alike.”
The conclusions Mr. Bates arrived at during his 11-year expedition in the rainforest had a profound impact on the scientific world. His study of the subtle differences in the patterning of longwing butterflies is a focal point of Amazon Adventure. The discoveries he brought back with him to England provided what Charles Darwin deemed “beautiful proof” for the theory of natural selection. To this day, vulnerable species adapting the appearance of noxious or otherwise dangerous animals is called “Batesian mimicry” in his honor.
“The stories behind Bates’ expedition are thrilling,” said Dr. Anna George, the Aquarium’s vice president of Conservation Science and Education. “If you have a curious nature or exploring spirit, you’re going to really enjoy seeing how science is an exhilarating living process.”
After they watch Amazon Adventure 3D, guests can visit the Ocean Journey building to view many longwing butterfly species fluttering about in the Butterfly Garden. There, Batesian mimicry  is on full display, allowing Aquarium guests to see the evolutionary benefits of hiding in plain sight. Sometimes, this natural camouflage can be so effective it even fools the experts.
“We have lots of longwing butterflies in our garden, and they all mimic each other, so they’re hard to identify,” says Jennifer Taylor, the Aquarium’s entomologist. “Some of the longwings will have 140 different color variations, and then there’s another longwing species that mimics all of those variations as well. I have a detailed book that helps me determine which species I’m seeing. They’re a very complicated group of butterflies.”
Amazon Adventure 3D official trailer:
Amazon Adventure 3D at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater

Showtimes Beginning May 26:

Sunday – Thursday at 11am, 1 & 4 pm

Friday & Saturday at 11am, 1, 4, 7 & 9 pm

Also Showing: Journey to Space 3D and Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean 3D


Non-member: $11.95 adults; $9.95 children (3-12)

Aquarium Member: $8.00 adults; $8.00 children (3-12)

IMAX Club pass holders: Free

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