Food Preservation Classes Offered By University Of Tennessee Extension

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Food Preservation Classes will be offered by the University of Tennessee Extension in the coming months.

Learn to safely can and freeze foods: jams and jellies, pickling, waterbath, freezing vegetables, blanching, pressure canner. Choose from six dates and two Chattanooga locations: University of Tennessee Extension – Hamilton County, 6183 Adamson Circle, 423-855-6113, or Crabtree Farms – 1000 E 30th St., 423-493-9155.

Cost is $20 (reference books, samples, materials, etc.). No refunds after registration deadline.

2017 Dates:

2017 Dates Location  Time  Register by
June 27 UT Extension Office 10:00-12:00 June 21
June 27 UT Extension Office 6:00-8:00 June 21
August 1 UT Extension Office 10:00-12:00 July 26
August 1 UT Extension Office 6:00-8:00 July 26
September 14 Crabtree Farms 10:00-12:00 September 7
September 14 Crabtree Farms 6:00-8:00 September 7 

Harvest Dinner Benefits Land Trust For Tennessee Nov. 9

The FEED Co. Table & Tavern is hosting a Harvest Dinner benefiting The Land Trust for Tennessee. It will be held Thursday, Nov. 9.  The evening will feature a dinner and drink pairing served in The FEED Co.'s new event space in Chattanooga's Southside starting at 6 p.m. and will highlight recent conservation successes.  Seats are limited and advanced tickets ... (click for more)

New Chattanooga Eateries Include Mayan Kitchen, Edley’s Bar-B-Que, Hana Steak and Sushi

Five restaurants were approved for selling beer at a City Beer Board meeting Thursday.Mayan Kitchen, owned by Lee Epstein who also owns City Café, will be a Latin restaurant serving Central and South American food. No violations have occurred at his other restaurants because servers are required to check the IDs of every customer before selling them alcohol, which will also be done ... (click for more)

5 Disinherited Adopted Children Of Dr. J. Don Brock May Share In Rich Estate After All

Five disinherited adopted children of the late Chattanooga businessman J. Don Brock may share in his large estate after all. After losing at the trial court and appeals court level, the plaintiffs won a victory at the Tennessee Supreme Court. Justice Cornelia Clark ruled in favor of the adopted children and remanded the case to the trial court for settlement of the estate. ... (click for more)

Walker County Asks Dismissal Of Erlanger Lawsuit Asking Court To Order New Taxes For Payment Of $8.7 Million Debt

Walker County, Ga., is asking the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Erlanger Health System that asks a federal judge to order the levying of taxes to pay an $8.7 million debt. Walker County noted that new Commissioner Shannon Whitfield has imposed a special tax levy on its citizens designed to satisfy the debt. It also says that Commissioner Whitfield held several meetings with ... (click for more)

Stormwater Fiasco And East Ridge Camping

When did the Chattanooga City Council get replaced by members of the East Ridge City Council? I don't recall a time in Chattanooga where they've voted to shoot the city in the foot more than they have lately.  If this goes through despite the environmental impact warnings and then Camp Jordan has increased flooding after spending millions on sports ball fields, ... (click for more)

Roy Exum: Why I Am Thankful

You would think that after 40 years of publishing an annual list of things for which I am thankful, I’d be getting to the bottom of it, but it seems the older I get I have found I appreciate so much more around me. I take absolute delight in planting a flower, feeding the birds and throwing a ball for my dog. I find that the more people who I come to know the more who I come to ... (click for more)