Lucent Gift Launches Bringing Thoughtful Gifts To Women Fighting Cancer

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Lucent Gift box for women fighting cancer
Lucent Gift box for women fighting cancer

For loved ones of cancer warriors anywhere, Lucent Gift offers a collection of handmade, luxury items - an arrangement of gifts for women in the midst of treatment and recovery.  

Each item is handpicked by Lucent Gift founder and two-time cancer survivor, Missy Luce. The items are from Chattanooga and woman-owned businesses and each serves a specific purpose.

Healing salves from Wooden Spoon, calming herbal tea from Wildflower Tea Shop and Apothecary with a hand thrown tea mug by Annie Hanks Ceramics, a scented candle from The Rustic House to ease nausea, and specialty chocolates from the Hot Chocolatier are part of the standard gift.

Additionally, an open jacket made of hemp and organic cotton commissioned specifically by Temperate for post-mastectomy use is included. The "lightweight, versatile, and beautiful" jacket features two interior pockets designed to conceal the post-surgical drainage system with the intent to also be used as an all-purpose garment. 

“I understand firsthand the heartache and physical battles of living through treatment recovery,” said Ms. Luce. “I founded Lucent Gift out of a desire to help shine light into the lives of women undergoing their own cancer battles by offering thoughtfully curated gift boxes of beautiful, yet functional items that help her feel luxurious, dignified and cared for.”  

Everything, from the box it arrives in, has been thoughtfully chosen and designed to be kept if not used. The box, jacket, ceramic mug are archival quality, something that can be passed down to family members.

This gift is also the answer to many who struggle to find just what to do when a friend is going through cancer, said Ms. Luce. Because it was created by and for cancer patients, the giver will know the receiver will appreciate and enjoy it. With each box, Luce includes a handwritten card with each person’s name who contributed to the gift. This is an option for groups of friends and co-workers to show they care. The card becomes part of the keepsakes and the recipient will know each person who supported her along the way.  

While everything is sourced from the Chattanooga market, Lucent Gifts are available online and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Future plans include expansion into other markets where local recipients can enjoy locally sourced items. For more information and to purchase visit  

“During treatment and recovery, a moment of luxury, even if only a moment, can make all the difference,” said Ms. Luce. 

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