Pediatric Pulmonologist To Speak On "Dry Drowning: Myth Or Medical Oddity?" At Children's Hospital At Erlanger Thursday

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Dr. Matthew Kreth, Pediatric Pulmonologist at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, will lead a discussion about drowning verses dry drowning and pool safety this Thursday. He will answer questions and discuss current events with dry drowning
"Dry drowning refers to a rare phenomenon from delayed physical reaction to inhaling water. It occurs when a patient breathes water into their lungs; the water then affects the lungs ability to properly inflate causing edema and swelling as the body attempts to fight the foreign substance.
The symptoms usually appear between one and 24 hours after the incident and can appear as a mild, non-life-threatening issue.  About 1-2% of all drowning deaths are deemed dry drowning. Symptoms include cough, trouble breathing, fever, and audible crackling in the chest. Coughing alone is not a symptom. 
"Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death in the U.S. Most drowning deaths are preventable with pool safety measures such as fencing to secure the pool area and adult vigilance," officials said.

Erlanger Life Force Air Medical Honored At 10th Annual Star Of Life Awards

Children’s Emergency Care Alliance of Tennessee recognized Van Buren County 911 Central Dispatch, Fall Creek Falls State Park, Piney Volunteer Fire Department, Van Buren County EMS and Erlanger Life Force Air Medical at the Tenth Annual Star of Life Awards Dinner and Ceremony as the State Award in Nashville at Rocketown. The mission of CECATN, the host of the Star of Life Awards, ... (click for more)

Blake Ray Promoted To Director Of Asset Management Of Legacy Senior Living, Management Company Of Assisted Living And Memory Care Facilities

Blake Ray has been promoted to director of asset management at Legacy Senior Living in Cleveland, a Tennessee-based management company of assisted living and memory care facilities. In this expanded role, Mr. Ray will be involved in various aspects of the Legacy Senior Living portfolio. This will include assisting in new developments, construction and renovation efforts, ... (click for more)

Attorney Davis Says Other Driver In Styles Case Pulled Gun While Driving Wildly; Denies Radio Host "Blacked Out"

Attorney Lee Davis said the other driver in a Friday road rage incident in Hixson pulled a gun on radio personality Jeff Styles while driving wildly.  He denied that the talk show host blacked out.  Jeff Styles, who was shot in the forearm, was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism. The other driver, Nickolas Bullington, was not charged. Police said ... (click for more)

Gerald McCormick Pulling Out Of House Race

Former House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick has decided to pull out of the House District 26 race and take a position with an engineering firm in Nashville. He told the Chattanooga Times Free Press the move would still give Republicans a seven-day window to find a replacement as the election nears. His wife, Kim, earlier took a position with the State Board of Regents in ... (click for more)

Will Chattanooga Miss Another Reinvestment Opportunity?

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Roy Exum: Are We Like Nazis?

Four years after William Styron’s best-seller ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ had achieved the highest height of an atrocity that the literary world had known at the time, a little girl who was birthed the same year as the book (1979) was cast as Meryl Streep’s daughter in the movie. The four-year-old blonde knew nothing about evil, not to mention the Holocaust, but she became enamored with ... (click for more)