School Board Just Made Another Brilliant Blunder - And Response (2)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wayne Johnson, a finalist for the superintendent, did not have the votes he needed for the job.  A tremendously successful businessman who would work without a contract, graciously bowed out of the race.

At least we had two School Board members that had some sense and would think for themselves.  

He was named as COO over the U.S. Department of Education serving 42,000,000 clients with a budget of $1.4 trillion, yet he wasn't qualified to run the Hamilton County Department of Education.

Congratulations, School Board, you've just made another brilliant blunder. 

Charlie Hunt
Soddy Daisy 

* * * 

Mr Hunt, 

The school board made the choice for Hamilton County School superintendent from the finalists remaining in consideration. 

Wayne Johnson withdrew his name for selection as superintendent. I would presume it was because he got an offer to work for the U.S. Department of Education. 

Which job would most people businessmen take, a local school superintendent (which he had never been before) or the head of a federal student loan corporation (a job suited for a successful businessman)? 

So let's give the board and  new superintendent our support and not make negative charges without stating all the facts. 

Ralph Miller 

* * *

Mr. Hunt, please look at the big picture. I think the school board absolutely vindicated themselves. The entire community has been at their throats since Christmas break of last year.

The mere fact, that one of the top five finalist for superintendent was chosen for such a position speaks volumes. That is a spectacular feat. That recommendation committee did one heck of a job procuring qualified candidates.

It's just not possible to rationally look at this as a negative thing, especially considering he dropped out of the race moments before the vote.  

James Berry
District 1 resident

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