Better Uses For $25 Million - And Response

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

So the Democrat party bet $25 million on a 30 year old Russian who has never done anything in his life running in a district he doesn't even live in? Ossoff received donations from 800 Georgians and 7,000 Californians according to an article in the AJC. And they wonder why they are a distinct minority. 

The $25 million could have been used in many more productive ways. 

The Democrats always worry about the homeless, at $100,000 per unit they could have provided 250 families with a basic house. 

They are worried about the un-insured, if you figure $12,000 a year premium, they could have provided medical coverage for 2,083 individuals. 

If you figure $5 a meal they could have provided 5,000,000 meals to the hungry. 

The  cost of higher education is always a concern, at $25,000 annual tuition they could have provided scholarships for 1,000 needy students. 

But at least our friends in North Atlanta benefited from the $25 million infusion into their economy that Nancy Pelosi and her friends provided. 

Douglas Jones

* * * 

It would be interesting to know how the same liberals who are up in arms over possible Russian meddling in our national election rationalize that it is okay for out-of-state liberals attempt to meddle in a Congressional election in Georgia.  With a candidate who himself was ineligible to vote there because of being a non-resident. 

Does this make any sense on any level?  Oh, I forget; it doesn't have to since liberals are involved.

Paul Burch

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