Jocelyn And Chris Arndt Return For Riverbend Festival

Sunday, June 25, 2017 - by Mark A. Herndon

Several years ago I walked into the former Mocha Restr. & Music Lounge on Broad Street upon hearing the local and very popular Soul, Funk Rock band The Power Player were headlining the night.
Since I had never been there, after receiving several invites to do so. I decided this was my opportunity to check out the venue.  What I didn't know was the opening performers a young sibling dual from New York. I heard they were traveling back north from a south Georgia festival heading through Chattanooga to New York and had contacted Sharon Kelly, Mocha's operator for a stopover to perform on the Mocha stage. 

I walked in for the first time and met a sweet lady, Ms Kelly, who welcomed me in.  After looking over the stage and seating area, when I saw Johnny E Smith and Michael Andrews (bandmates of The Power Players)  observing a couple of young performers and their band preparing for their set. Jocelyn & Chris Arndt (siblings) from New York traveling with their band and David Bourgeois tour manager.  I was introduced to David, Jocelyn, Chris and other with the band.  David was pleased to have a local photographer interested in capturing photos and video of the Chattanooga performance.

The performance was a mix of high energy aggressive and edgy rock with some moving blues in the set.  A few cover songs but mostly original material.  Jocelyn & Chris are songwriters, with Jocelyn's strong dynamic range of vocals, and Chris's clean, strick, sharp edgy string bending guitar playing.  He was very good, metamorphosing at times like string benders John Mayer and Derek Truck. Their bandmates included David killing the drums, Kate Sgroi, bass guitar and Tucker Callender, fiddler. This live video  "Because of You"  will give you the visual/sound from the stage and backdrop.  The event was in October 2014, and my relationship with this band was forged further into a merger of video material for preparation and 2015 release of this world premiere video "NEVERMIND" illustrating a backdrop of Chattanooga night cityscape in the  (TN) Riverbend at the south shore. On the north shore Coolidge Park and the view of historic Walnut Street and Market Street Bridges.  The video was produced by White Lake Music & Bridge Road Entertainment, Albany NY.

In 2015,  Chattanooga Live Music presented them for performance several times at the former Sugar's Rib on Broad Street joining local singers/songwriters Jordan Hallquist and Webb Barringer. and The Camp House with singer/songwriter Jess Goggans Band (Just Give Me One Reason),  2016, returned and played  several times at Clyde's on Main with local favorite singer/songwriter Courtney Holder. 

Earlier this year, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt played at a private sessions atSongbirds Guitar Museum prior to their show at Revelry Room with opening performance with Webb Barringer   
It was with much in past Chattanooga performances the local and regional audience was on the increase for these New York rockers.  A few months prior of Riverbend, I suggested to  Dixie Fuller & Bob Payne,  Friends of the Festival to consider the sibling dual for a stage at Riverbend Festival.  Those who were there at The Tennessee Valley Federal Credit stage last week will tell you they owned it.  As recalling their first Chattanooga performance at Mocha with the mural Coolidge Park/Walnut Street Bridge backdrop documented in the video link now they return to Chattanooga to perform under the historic bridge in a unique stage setting.  The opening song Footprints On The Moon at Riverbend was the first released video from their new May '17 release CD "GO". The photos added here in no way truly captures the energy, music and the powerful chemistry that transformed from the stage to the fans.  You just had to be at the TVFCU stage and in the moment. The high energy aggressive and edgy rock returned with some more dynamic blues added from two keyboards on stage.
Today, Jocelyn & Chris are on the road with a recent release of a new CD "GO" with songs pushing their way up the Indie Relix charts. It was just announced this week, "GO", which landed a No. 2 spot on the Relix Jambands Top 30 Album Chart.  Their previous CD releases include, 30,000 Miles (LIVE), Edges, Still; A Holiday Collection, and Strangers in Fairyland.  Music media CD, digital found on Soundcloud, Amazon and CDBaby.

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt web site  Contact David Bourgeois, Artist Management / Schedule with Bridge Road Entertainment  1-866 - 887 - 2834

Get ready to enjoy a blend of rock, jazzy edgy blues by viewing the photo expressions and video links.  Jocelyn & Chris will return to the Chattanooga Live Music scene soon.  Look for Jocelyn & Chris back soon.  Chattanooga has become a premeditated stop on their tour route. 

* * *

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