New Pedestrian Signal To Be Installed In Cleveland To Several Outdoor Sites

Thursday, June 29, 2017
Presenting the check at the Keith and 20th street intersection, from left, Amy Davenport, Mayor Tom Rowland, Eloise Waters and County Mayor D. Gary Davis.
Presenting the check at the Keith and 20th street intersection, from left, Amy Davenport, Mayor Tom Rowland, Eloise Waters and County Mayor D. Gary Davis.

A cooperative project between Bradley County and the city of Cleveland aims to create a safe access across a busy intersection to several outdoor recreation opportunities. 

A push button activated traffic signal will be installed at Keith and 20th streets that will give pedestrians and bicyclists a safe crossing at the heavily used intersection. Keith Street is a major four lane traffic artery and a barrier to pedestrians and bicyclists attempting a safe crossing, said officials. 

The Bradley County Health Department was awarded a $10,000 grant from the Tennessee Department of Health. Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis presented the check Wednesday to Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland. The city will install the pedestrian protected traffic signal and provide any additional funding.

For people on the west side of Keith Street, the signal will provide a safe crossing to get to the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway and access to the city sidewalk system. For those crossing from the east side of Keith Street, the self activated signal creates a safer crossing to George R. Stuart Elementary School and the Civitan Handi-Park playground. 

"This is a good example of the city and county working together to provide a service to our citizens," County Mayor Davis said. 

"There is no existing crossing on Keith Street for pedestrians and bicyclists south of the greenway underpass near Raider Drive," said Mayor Rowland. "This project will solve that need." 

The Tennessee Health Department provided $10,000 grants to 89 of the state's counties, said Eloise Waters, County Health Department director.  

The THD grants are aimed at meeting the state goal to become one of the ten healthiest states by providing access to healthy environments. The grants address the "big four" challenges - obesity, tobacco use, physical inactivity and substance abuse, Ms. Waters said. 

Amy Davenport, health educator with the Bradley County Health Department, applied for and received the grant. The city and county mayors approved the intersection project. 

Project partners include the Bradley County Health Department, Bradley County Health Council, Mayors Davis and Rowland, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Cleveland Greenway Board, City Manager Joe Fivas and the Cleveland Engineering and Planning Staff.

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