Don't Send The Feds The Voter Information - And Response (2)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

So many Trump supporters are the same people who fly "Don't Tread on Me" flags, the same people who scream about states rights and the over reach of big government. This week the federal government has over stepped its authority. It's time for states rights activists to balk at the latest request and tell the Feds no.

Our president wants all 50 states to send voter information to his voter fraud commission.  The information includes names, birthdates, Social Security numbers addresses and party affiliation.  Why do they need this information? How is the information going to be used? Are they suggesting that every state including Tennessee is so corrupt we can't run our own elections.

It is my hope that Tennessee joins the growing list of states not sending the information.

Robert Wright
Signal Mountain 

* * * 

Yes, I agree. Make them look it up themselves on everyone's FaceBook page.  They will regret for even asking after they even learn where you went to school and work.  Shared pictures of what your eating and your pets. 

Also letting them know when you've left the house and where your going.  The sharing of your mood for that day will be just the cherry on the top.  

Revolt and Make America Great Again,
Michael Burns 

* * * 

Mr. Wright, the fraud commission you eschew is simply trying to determine how many people are voting several times and/or simultaneously in different states most particularly in federal elections. And the commission is designed to identify people who are not citizens who are voting. 

How could anyone who believes in one man/woman one vote oppose that? 

In September of 2012, a Maryland Democrat, Wendy Rosen, withdrew from a congressional election after her own party told state officials she had committed voter fraud by voting in both Maryland and Florida elections. 

In last year's presidential recount in Michigan brought about by Jill Stein's lawsuit, it was learned according to the Detroit News, voting machines recorded more votes in more than one-third of Detroit's Democratic dominated precincts than the number of votes that actually showed up. 

An extensive survey study by three professors from Old Dominion and George Mason Universities determined that 6.4 percent of the nation's non-citizens voted in the federal election of 2008. Of course the Leftist Cabal circled the wagons to poo-poo the study but the Heritage Foundation maintains a list of 700 recent convictions for voter fraud. 

Before the last presidential election the Obama Justice Department attempted to intervene in Kansas, Alabama, Arizona and Georgia as they attempted to verify the citizenship of those registering to vote. 

Trump's Commission is not requesting anything that is not already public information in most states except the "last four digits" of the SS number. Not the entire number as you inaccurately stated in your "resist" post. 

So what are those who oppose this inquiry trying to hide? Wouldn't everyone who follows the law want to  know if our elections are being stolen by a group of people, even our own citizens, who condone or promote voter fraud? Seems to me I've heard a lot of ranting about stolen elections. Doesn't this count? 

A lot of Democrats and liberals are suddenly jumping on the states' rights jolly wagon to resist Mr. Trump on this. I find that very odd now. So where were they over the last eight years? 

Ralph Miller

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