An Idea For School Improvement

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
I believe that something huge is being overlooked with the problems of the schools not doing well and five maybe being taken over by Candice McQueen.  But then who am I, just a former student from 60 years ago in the 1st grade, a student that has gone to public schools on both sides of the United States (North Carolina and Oregon), and for the past 10 years, an employee of Hamilton County Telecommunications going into every school and most classrooms across the county.
What do I see that's different or the same with every one of them? Not a thing different and everything the same.  The teachers are teaching, the schools are doing the same across the country.  They are doing their jobs, I saw it first hand every day at several schools all day long.
And parents, you can be proud of your teachers and schools. They are doing what they are told and doing it very well at teaching.  So,  what's missing?  And even more important, why listen to me? I don't have a PHD, I don't make the big bucks, I do have an electronic engineering technician degree, so it's not like I have no education at all, but I did see it (the schools) up close and personal and have an idea that I would like to try and would volunteer for next year for the entire year so there wouldn't be any cost to the county, and the schools wouldn't have to change anything but allow me a few minutes each day before the class and after the classes. 
Everyone for the past 60 years has been and continues doing the same things over and over and over expecting different results. There is a word for that, but I wont go into it.  To me, everyone is looking at, trying to change, and manipulating the left side of the equation and not paying any attention to the right side of the equation.  I'm willing to not only complain about how our children are doing, but have a suggestion to do something (for free) about it if someone will at least look at my idea.
Why?  Because it worked on me. If this would have been done with me at around the fourth or fifth grade, I know it would have helped me get better then just C's in school.  I hated and detested going to school. C's and below, for 12 years, and, when I went to college, B average. It was not the teachers, or the schools It was me.
I liked most of the teachers. I wasn't a trouble maker either, I just wanted it over.  And I do not believe for one minute that I did better in college because I was an adult, it was something else. So, there is my two cents worth. Let's see if anything happens. Are our children worth at least looking at different ideas? Or do they all (the ideas ) have to come PHD educators and business owners?

Steve Coker


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