A Pox On Both Their Houses

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Americans all across this country should be aware of how really dishonest both major political parties are being with their constituents as they try to rally voters to their side of the health care debate.  

First of all, on the Republican side, having the defunding of Planned Parenthood in their bill means they are already behind the eight ball as they try to muster the 51 votes they need to pass a replacement for Obama Care.  Three female pro abortion RINO Republican Senators; Collins, Murkowski,and Capito,  will never vote for any bill that defunds Planned Parenthood. they have said so.  I don't care if Moses brought a bill down from the mountain written in stone, and signed by God Himself.  If that provision was in there, these "Three Amigos" would vote no.  

Secondly, this "sudden discovery" by the Senate parliamentarian of a long forgotten ruling that would suggest that any issue that only effects a single entity cannot be offered in reconciliation, in my mind has Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell's fingerprints all over it, not necessarily the Democrats.  He can't secure the deal breaking votes of  these three RINO Republican Senators unless he removes this issue from the bill, and if he does he will anger pro-life Republicans, break President Trump's campaign promise, and jeopardize holding on to the Senate majority in 2018, because angry conservative Republican voters will stay home, so let's blame it on the parliamentarian.  

Now to the Democrats.  "Tax breaks for the rich", sorry Senator Schumer, the rich are the job creators.  That old dog won't hunt anymore.  Can we all say cut off your nose to spite your face?  "Remove coverage for pre-existing conditions", what can I say, that's just a flat lie meant to scare the uninformed voter.  "Millions removed from Medicare", not.   Only those able bodied that could work, and Medicare spending is slated to increase in the Republican bill.  This program was destined to fail when they went beyond covering widows, orphans, and the infirmed years ago (Democrat strategy has been all along  to use a planned Medicare failure to eventually get to their goal of single payer coverage by loading up the bill-  another big government plan).  

And last but not least, Democrats don't care what the Republicans come up with as long as it is fix, not repeal of Obamacare care.  Not that they don't know it was sold on a lie in the first place (keep your doctor, keep your plan, costs will fall over $2,500 per household). Have you checked where premiums have gone in the last seven years?   To heck with the consequences, this is our President's legacy, we will not budge, say the Democrats. 

Wake up America, they think we are all stupid, are we? "Let them eat cake", say the Democrats, "let's go back on our word" says the Republicans. I'm disgusted with all of them. 

By all that is holy, will our government ever work again?

Bill Reesor

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