Warren Mackey Named To NACo Board Of Directors

Friday, July 28, 2017
Hamilton County Commissioner Warren Mackey has been named to the National Association of Board of Directors as an at-large member for a one-year term. Dr. Mackey’s appointment was made by new NACo President Roy Charles Brooks, a Tarrant County, Tx. commissioner, on the final day of NACo’s Annual Conference in Franklin County.  Dr. Mackey has been active previously with NACo as a member of its Health Steering Committee.
"I am extremely proud and made humble by this appointment to serve on this board that represents 3,069 counties throughout this nation.
 The central focus of NACo is to advance the interests of the counties before the federal government and the state governments.  As a result of some changes that I made while president of the statewide Tennessee County Commission Association, the TCCA put my name forward to serve on the National Association of Counties Board of Directors," Dr. Mackey said.
In his service on this board there are three primary issues that Dr. Mackey said that he will be focused on.   According to Dr. Mackey, in Tennessee the low test schools, the poor condition of many school buildings, and the low wages received by educators mandates that as he serve on this board that he will do everything that he can to get the federal and the state governments to provide more funding for public schools.  A second major interest that he will have is to protect the money that the states receive in regards to the Pilot program. And the third major concern that he will be pushing is to get the state and federal governments to find more money to improve the health of Tennesseans and others throughout this wonderful country.
"The NACo board of directors provides strategic direction for the organization and advice on budgets and administrative matters.  NACo is in a pivotal position right now because both the federal and the state governments are pushing more and more responsibilities down to the local governments largely without adequate resources," officials said.    

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