Defending Racism - And Response

Monday, August 14, 2017


Is it too much to expect the President to condemn Nazis and white supremacists by name? Does it offend you, even slightly, that a woman died in 2017 fighting Nazis on US soil? My sense from your column is that it bothers you not at all. 

The President calls out everyone except two groups: white supremacists and Russians. Curious, isn't it? It's almost like there's something there. We know the President's father had a KKK connection. We know the White House employs at least two card-carrying white supremacists in advisory roles. We know the racists responsible for Saturday's carnage were very pleased indeed with the President's refusal to condemn them by name. 

I know it really, really bothered you that the media found the President's weak response newsworthy. You devoted 80 percent of your column to this fact and to your seething hatred of "Jewish snowflake" mayor of Charlottesville, David Signer. This language is pointedly racist and aligned in lock step with the white nationalist movement.  

Your column never once mentioned the names of those murdered by white supremacists ("Billy Joe" in your lingo). Can you name them? Why didn't you? 

Your apologist column was sickening, vile and repugnant.  Shame on you. This country fought a war against this kind of evil and here you are angrily defending the same thing and focusing 100 percent of your hatred on those who are fighting it. 

Tanya Crosse 

* * * 


You have obviously been given a nice spot on The Chattanoogan;  to absolve, to blame, to criticize, to praise, to analyze and instruct, generally holding forth on a variety of issue.  This time you are so far off base it is embarrassing.

In a nutshell, it seems you believe Trump has nothing to apologize for, the fake news misrepresents the facts, the mayor of Charlottesville is as bad as the KKK, Nazis, White Supremacists  and the generally disgusting display of human hatred by those who came to support Donald trump’s message of Take Our Country Back were there for a non-violent message. In spite of the fact they came with helmets, brass knuckles, clubs and guns.  

Well I have news for you, Mr. Exum, this country belongs to all of us, not just the white people. Not just to you and not just to the miserable display of persons Donald Trump is surrounded with in the White House by his choice. 

Some say Donald Trump has not accomplished much, but I disagree. In a few short months, he has instilled fear in large number of Hispanic families, every member of the gay community, he is bringing us quickly to the edge of a nuclear war, he has insulted all of our allies, threatened to strip health care from millions, called the White House a dump, attacked his own party members, insulted the military, the Boy Scouts, women, and any person who does not consider themselves an alpha male. 

If you can read the remarks of Mayor Michael Signer and fail to understand the meaning of his words, and if you believe that America is “jolly” well fed up with people like the PhD from Cal-Berkley, Mayor Signer, then I am very sorry for you.  It is outrageous of you to even suggest that the mayor is more dangerous to our county because he hides his hated behind the camouflage of politics. What hatred?

Mr. Exum, go read your bible, read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, take a history course. The mayor’s words are not about hatred, they are about equality, fairness, justice, love, freedom from fear, violence and hate.  

When you finish reading the bible, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, go back and listen to the words of Trump during the campaign.

And by the way, I resent being called a Snowflake.  Name calling is for children who have not learned to respect other people.  

Cecilia Lewis

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