Chattanooga’s 1st Coding Bootcamp Covalence Successfully Graduates Inaugural Class

Monday, August 14, 2017

Local coding bootcamp Covalence, held a graduation for its first local cohort on Thursday.

When the course kicked off on May 31, the students had limited or no programming knowledge. After long hours hard at work, they successfully completed the 10-week Full Stack Development bootcamp and graduated as junior-level web developers. The city celebrates and applauds the Covalence graduates as they embark on their journeys to become a part of the tech workforce in Chattanooga.

Covalence hopes to attain the same success with its second cohort which begins on Sept. 5. The final day to submit applications is Aug. 22.

The students showcased their final projects which included McKamey Volunteer Portal, a website that provides a centralized location for information on current adoptable animals at the McKamey Animal Center, co-workers, a platform for people using coworking space to see who else is present in the space, what those people specialize in, and if they are available for the use of their services, and finally Live Local, a website created to display scheduled activities in certain geographical locations. Employers in need of talented developers  can reach out to Covalence to inquire about our recent graduates.

At the Covalence’s Birmingham location, Regions Bank is sending its second set of 10 employees through the Fall 2017 Full Stack bootcamp. Covalence is looking to extend the opportunity for other local employers to send existing and new employees through the Full Stack Development bootcamp in order to enhance or build new tech oriented skill sets.

Officials said, "Covalence will not only continue to focus on teaching the untapped, aspiring developers of Tennessee how to code but also expand our partnerships with local employers to find the best mentors and best job placement opportunities." 

TVA Opens Public Comment Period On Scope Of Integrated Resource Plan Update

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January Tennessee Revenues Less Than Expected

Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration Commissioner Larry Martin Tuesday announced that overall January state tax revenues posted less than expected, while year-to-date state revenues remain more than budgeted. Revenues for January totaled $1.4 billion, and were 3.18 percent less than revenues received in the same time period one year ago, and were $25 million less than ... (click for more)

City Officials Believe Fish Kill In Small Creek In Hixson Is Related To Weather Changes

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East Ridge Council Approves Funding For $2.3 Million Camp Jordan Upgrade; Christopher Harris Chosen As Administrative Hearing Officer

The city of East Ridge is continuing to make improvements and upgrades in the city’s appearance and facilities. At the Jan. 11 city council meeting, approval was given for moving forward to make improvements at Camp Jordan Park. This overhaul for the 40-year-old park includes upgrades to restrooms, concessions, fencing, bleachers, grading baseball and softball fields, turfing the ... (click for more)

Reflections On Billy Graham

Sandra and I are saddened this morning after learning of the death of Billy Graham. We rejoice today, because Mr. Graham once said "It will be reported that Billy Graham has died, but that won't be the truth. He said the truth is that he had only moved to a new location".  I remember when we named 15th Street as Billy Graham Avenue, his daughter Gigi came for the dedication ... (click for more)

Roy Exum: We’re The Angriest State

WalletHub, a financial-health website that has found it can draw a lot of attention by ranking the states on which is “fattest,” smartest, and so forth, has just announced its “sinful” rating and Tennessee churches should be ashamed of the job they are doing in making the Volunteer State a haven for puritans. Then again, our tourism may soon explode … remember Sodom & Gomorrah. ... (click for more)