Equality Vs. Superiority

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Many comparisons are being made about Neo-Nazis, White Supremacy and Black Lives Matter.  In order to compare, we assume these are equally comparable. The flaw comes here - Black Lives Matter strives to be equal, to be treated equally.  Neo-Nazis, The KKK, and White Supremacy groups believe they are the superior. 

Make no mistake here, I grew up in an era of segregation. That included separate drinking fountains and restrooms, providing there were facilities to accommodate both groups. It meant blacks couldn't sit in the front of a bus, and had separate schools. When desegregation occurred it left both groups of kids wondering what to do next. Because racism was, like now, alive and kicking, whites decided we were the superior group, partly from the teachings of our parents. 

My dad was a racist, declaring he had black friends and yet still acting like he was superior. The two are not equal. He disgusted me. My mother, on the other hand, was opposite. In her quiet way, she taught by example. She sat in the back of the bus to be with her friend and only shared it with me when I asked where she sat in the bus, hoping she sat on those cool sideways seats. 

In high school I worked in the kitchen at Memorial Hospital part time. Our shift started at 4 p.m. School dismissal was at 3 p.m. A couple of my girlfriends from Notre Dame worked with me, so we made the short trip to the hospital, and went straight to the snack room to get snacks and drinks and wait for our clock in time. 

We made friends with the Riverside boys we worked with and we all sat together eating cheese crackers and drinking those pitiful soft drinks that poured into cups. 

At some point us girls were called to Sister DeSalles' office where we were reprimanded for sitting with "those black boys" and we were instructed not to do it again. 

Despondent, I went home that night and told my mother. She asked me what I was going to do about the matter. I asked her what I should do and she told me to follow my heart.  And I did, as did all of us. We were back in the snack shop every day. 

It wasn't until years later my classmate told me her mom had been threatened with her job if we continued. 

I thank God for my mother's guidance, for allowing me to live my life with a wealth of friends of color without hesitation. Her lessons taught me to look beyond skin color. 

If you say you aren't racist yet you think BLM is the same, you are sorely wrong. You stand among those who believe they are superior. You have not fought for equality. You fight for superiority. And in this nation, we seek liberty and justice for all. The interpretation is freedom and equality for all. 

Joan Williams

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