Ellison Charged With Beating Woman with Stove Pot In Front Of Her Daughter

Friday, August 18, 2017
Kelvin Ellison
Kelvin Ellison

Police arrested Kelvin Ellison on charges of beating a woman with a stove pot in front of her daughter.

Ellison, 46, of 5620 Spring Garden Lane, is charged with especially aggravated burglary, two counts of domestic assault and vandalism.

In the incident on Wednesday,an officer found a woman crying and covered in blood. 

Police were advised that a man on the other side of the street was the suspect. Police ordered Ellison to the ground. As he was doing so, he said, "I caught her cheating."

An ambulance was called for the woman, who had an eye that was swollen and a large laceration on her forehead.

Police found a dented stove pot on the sidewalk.

The daughter said she was asleep in her room when she heard screaming. She said she went to her mother's bedroom and found Ellison punching her.

She said she and her mother were able to get to the living room and she got in between Ellison and her mother. She said she told him to stop assaulting her mother.

The daughter said Ellison pushed her out of the way and resumed assaulting her mother.

She said she and her mother ran outside and tried to find protection in a Saturn parked in the driveway. She said Ellison came outside with the stove pot and broke out the driver side window on the car.  

The mother and daughter then started running down the street and Ellison resumed the assault on the mother with the pan, it was stated.

At one point, Ellison said he was going to kill the woman with a gun, police stated.

Police were told that Ellison did not live at that address and that he had forced his way in through a locked door.

A large amount of blood was in the woman's bed, throughout the home and outside, police said.

Police said Ellison was out on bond on another pending criminal case.

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