Chattanooga Airport President Gets New Contract Amid Double-Digit Growth, Improvements

Monday, August 21, 2017
Terry Hart addresses the airport board
Terry Hart addresses the airport board

Chattanooga Airport President Terry Hart has been given a six-year extension on his contract amid double-digit passenger increases and a host of airport improvements.

There is no increase in his $158,377 pay, but the board plans to put in annual performance reviews with some built-in bonuses.

Jim Hall, vice chairman of the Airport Board, said it is also important that the airport have someone in place who could step in and lead the facility as Mr. Hart did when Mike Landguth took a job at the Raleigh-Durham Airport. Mr. Landguth had brought in Mr. Hart five years ago from Chicago.

Mr. Hall said, "We've moved out of the day of being a small airport."

Attorney Hugh Moore said Mr. Hart plans to retire in 2023, but there is a two-year extension built into the contract in case he decided to stay on longer.

Board members cited the addition of the West Star Aviation facility, the solar park, expanded parking, a covered and lighted walkway in the parking area, improved food service and a clean and inviting terminal.

Mike Mallen, who heads the personnel committee, said the facility "has been on steroids for the past five years."

Dr. Paul Conn, who also served on the committee examining the contract, said, "There was enthusiasm around the table. This was not a tough call."

Mr. Hart said airport enplanements were up 22 percent in June over the rosy numbers from the prior June. "All the carriers were up," he said.

Enplanements rose 15.5 percent in July.

The board agreed to buy a $629,046 rescue truck that will be a replacement for a 1999 model. Officials said there were three bids, but one from Oshkosh was the only one that met specifications. The main truck is an Oshkosh model.

Officials said the backup truck has been going out on potential emergency calls for some time, but never had to be actually put into service on an airplane fire.

The board also approved having MayCreate redo the airport website. The charge will be $20,200 with a $55 monthly hosting fee.

The second low bidder was Williams, another Chattanooga firm, which already had the contract.

Fifteen firms, from all over the country, expressed an interest in the redesign.

MayCreate already heads the marketing campaign for the airport.

The board had a rare morning meeting because of the eclipse. All nine board members were present.

Mr. Hart said, "This is the first time since I've been here we've had all the board members present. Maybe Monday morning is a good time - or maybe not." 







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