CHI Memorial's Marissa Wilson Receives Social Stewardship Award

Thursday, August 24, 2017
Pictured, left to right:  Rich Philbrick, American Group CEO; Ron Powell, National Group CEO; Marissa, Ed Jones, president and CEO; Michael Berryhill, COO; Doug Swanson, SVP Sales and Marketing
Pictured, left to right: Rich Philbrick, American Group CEO; Ron Powell, National Group CEO; Marissa, Ed Jones, president and CEO; Michael Berryhill, COO; Doug Swanson, SVP Sales and Marketing

Marissa Wilson, BSN, RN, CPhT, and patient assistance coordinator – pharmacy, received the Social Stewardship Award during the 2017 HealthTrust University Conference in Las Vegas, NV. 

“Marissa’s personal mission is to continually learn and apply knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the underserved, being the best steward of all available resources”, says Sandy Vredeveld, director of pharmacy at CHI Memorial, and Ms. Wilson’s nominator.  “She is the community’s strongest ambassador for CHI Memorial and its mission to serve the underserved.”
Ms. Wilson coordinates and manages CHI Memorial’s drug replacement program which helps find more affordable options for uninsured patients who need medication or insured patients who need medications their insurance may not cover.  She implemented and manages the hospital’s Dispensary of Hope program which has dispensed more than $250,000 in free medication since 2009.  

"Our patient assistance program is the only comprehensive holistic program within Catholic Health Initiatives, addressing social needs, medication assistance, disease state, social security, disability, Medicare, state insurance exchange programs, TNCare, Medicaid, PAP programs, Foundation assistance, DoH, and insurance," officials said.
Ms. Wilson helps patients enroll in the healthcare exchange; advises nonprofit representatives and other hospitals in the community on medication assistance based on an individual’s needs; advises health coaches on medication assistance; and develops low cost diabetic kits for charity patients.
She serves on the Chattanooga Regional Health Innovation Coalition.  She has been a featured speaker, guest lecturer, and advisor for various foundations, medical groups, and educational programs.  Ms. Wilson helped develop “Bridging the Pharmacy Gap: Medication Resource Guide and Tips for Navigating Pharmacy Resources,” and updates it annually.  This resource is used throughout the community.
Through her efforts, CHI Memorial has received grant funds to help educate and enroll people in the Affordable Care Act.  
Each year HealthTrust presents five awards to recognize outstanding performance and exceptional contributions of its members.  The awards include outstanding member, operational excellence, clinical excellence, social stewardship, and Gita Wasan Patel pharmacy excellence.

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