Our Monuments - And Response (2)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Does it offend you? Did they ask you or me? No, they did not. Politicians that want votes and power do not even support property of the people. The monuments were put up by money raised from thousands of people in the early 1900’s, and were to represent the tens of thousands that died. These represented many American families.


Yet, destruction of property is not addressed.

Payment to the organizations that put them up is ignored. The law is completely ignored. This is certainly not any form of democratic action. It is mob rule in the dark of night. Interesting, that these mobs dare to talk about any other mobs and their actions.


People of merit would face all of the people, and would want history preserved for their country. Mob rule is not what this country is supposed to be about on any subject. I do not think decent Americans support mob rule. Yet, where are those with courage to pay for damages to property destroyed that was not theirs? ! The history that belongs to generations of Americans, still belongs to all Americans.


Who cares about America really? It is not the mobs destroying our country. It is not those being silent, such as the Clintons, the Bushes, and other supposed-to-be leaders of America. Defending the Constitutional rights of us all takes courage. Where are the Brave and Free with courage for us all? Where are they?


Destruction of property is a crime. The law is clear on this. Yet in 2017, the mob rule in the dark of night gets no punishment. Oh my, what double standards. The American dream of tolerance for all of us is gone. Only biased and prejudiced actions seem to be rewarded.


I shall not be a member of the mob rule mentality. Not now - not ever. I am proud to be a Tennessean that respects the past in reality, and the present in reality. They say, “Ignorance can be fixed, but stupid is forever.” Respect for others is supported by the Bible and the United States Constitution. Mobs consider nothing sacred, nor are they open minded. I wonder if ignorance in 2017 can be fixed?


Elizabeth Fay Sain

Moore County, Tennessee 

* * * 

I think that people need to understand something before they start trying to take down monuments.  In the State of Tennessee, it is illegal to remove statues and monuments from any public property in the State of Tennessee.  It is called "The Heritage Protection Act of 2016".  


Don't think our politicians can jump on the bandwagon and remove statues.  They might ought to check first, before they break the law.  Not that it has been an issue in the past.

Daniel Hague 


* * * 


There are two ways a historical statue can be removed from public property in Tennessee. Both are complex processes.

The first route is laid out in the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2016. It requires anyone interested in renaming, removing or relocating any statues, monuments and other memorials on publicly owned land to receive a two-thirds majority vote from the Tennessee Historical Commission.

The law, sponsored by state Rep. Steve McDaniel, R-Parkers Crossroads, toughened state law. Prior to its enactment only a simple majority was required.

An act of the Tennessee General Assembly also could remove the statues.

Cities in their own right do not have the authority to remove them.

Johnny Johnson

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