Pandering For Votes - And Response

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Commissioner Greg Beck while announcing that he is running for re-election for District 5 has also announced that he is a political panderer, anything for a vote Beck.  We kind of knew that.

First and foremost, I cannot identify anything Commission Beck has done of substance for District 5. The infrastructure is decayed, and the schools are a failure and a complete embarrassment.

 Commissioner Beck should be fired by your district, if not recalled.

In my opinion, all Commissioner Beck does is report to government jobs and politically pander. I fail to see what he has accomplished at all in District 5. It is a complete train wreck.


Now, he wants to remove the statue of General A. P. Stewart from the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Commissioner Beck has entered the Hamilton County Courthouse for literally decades and never once stated a public word about being offended by the statue of General A.P. Stewart.   Why should would he be offended now? After all, General Stewart was not a slave owner.

General Stewart was a patriot to his fellow countrymen, and the times demanded that a side be selected. Many Southern men chose to protect their homeland, and they did not own slaves. 

Commissioner Beck, the NAACP, and Mayor Andy Berke paint historic figures with your broad, high and mighty, everyone is a racist, but us brushes. Yet, they know so little about Civil War history.  Let’s get the professional historians on the case to conduct assessments, rather than gossip from the Lindsay Street Puzzle Players, NAACP, or Commissioner Beck. 

I dare to say, that the collective, political lot of those opposed to the General Stewart statue comprise a mere few and that the majority of Hamilton County would vote in mass to keep the General A.P. Stewart statue in place at the courthouse.

I ask that the Hamilton County Commission give the people a fair and equal voice and place this matter as a voter referendum, and let the people decide.   A few shallow, less than honest, and politically motivated voices should not determine the fate of the General A.P. Stewart statue.

Hamilton County government, we expect better from you. Don’t remove the General.

Commissioner Beck I hope your district fires you.


April Eidson 


* * * 


Mr. Beck needs to take care of his job and not America’s heritage. 

Once again a politician grandstands for votes in favor of taking a stand to support and preserve part of America’s heritage.  I don’t appreciate him trying to destroy my confederate heritage along with many others, including African Americans that died during the civil war.  The confederacy was real, slavery was real and we should never forget the events that took place affecting both black and white.
Beck is not for the people, he is for himself and is sucking on the turmoil that is spreading across the country.  A true statesman would value and preserve history.
Beck is the kind of man that stirs the pot for his own political gain instead of bringing unity that is desperately needed.
Michael Mansfield

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