Elmer Gantry Is Alive And Well

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

As we all feel anguish for the loss of life and worldly goods that this latest national tragedy in Texas and Louisiana has caused, Americans everywhere are once again stepping up to help those in need.

That is except in my opinion, some like the disgraceful "minister" in Houston, Joel Osteen.  He opened his massive mega church to shelter those that lost everything only after the national outcry at his "let them eat cake" attitude.  Take a look at his mansion and  massive yacht.  Good grief, it's an oceanliner, and some of you helped pay for them and his massive $50 million net worth.  Has this couple no shame?  God took down the likes of Jimmy Swaggart and Jim and Tammy Baker, surely He will not allow this Elmer Gantry like disgrace to the ministry (speaking only about his personal use of money) to continue to fleece the people of Houston and those that watch his TV "show".  

And we wonder why this generation of young Americans have lost faith in our churches, and why they are shutting their doors every day all across our nation.

There are good and decent clergy of all faiths that deserve our admiration and respect to be sure.  Don't judge everyone of them by the selfish self serving example of the PTL network (better known as "pass the loot" network), and others like Joel Osteen. I would only hope that those of you that have given to this charlatan will now stop buying his books, and redirect your charitable giving to ministries and social outreaches that truly serve others rather than using those sincere gifts to line their own pockets.

God is love, compassion, tenderness, and redemption.  Pray and give to help the kind folks that are volunteering their time, homes, and worldly goods to rescue and support the thousands that now have nothing but the clothes on their backs. 

Bill Reesor

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