Life Care Center Of Hixson Therapists Certified In Parkinson’s Approach

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Two therapists at Life Care Center of Hixson recently earned certification in LSVT BIG, a physical therapy intervention to combat the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Leanne Salt-Carbone, physical therapist, and Jill Schoolfield, physical therapist assistant, are now trained to teach patients ways to use bigger movements in everyday life. They received the certification on July 17.

“The training gave us a compilation of specific treatment and assessments for individuals with Parkinson’s disease,” said Ms.

Salt-Carbone, who has her doctorate in physical therapy.

Ms. Schoolfield said, “We know that Parkinson’s is a progressive disease, but we are able to use tools within the protocol to further improve an individual’s function and independence, as well as modify tasks that will still make the treatment successful.”

The practitioners have put their knowledge into their treatments and have already seen LSVT BIG improve results for patients.

LSVT BIG is the physical therapy component of LSVT Global’s approach to Parkinson’s. The company also offers certification in LSVT LOU, which teaches patients to use techniques to speak loudly enough to be heard without straining their voices.

“We noticed a community need for further Parkinson’s care,” said Josh Haislip, director of rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Hixson. “We have LSVT LOUD-certified therapists on staff, so now we can provide both aspects of care.”

Ms. Salt-Carbone and Ms. Schoolfield have put their knowledge into their treatments and have already seen LSVT BIG improve results for patients.

For more information about LSVT BIG and LOUD Parkinson’s therapy at Life Care Center of Hixson, call 423 842-0049.

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