Lee And Carr Crowned Mr. And Ms. Life Care In 30th Annual Pageant

Friday, August 4, 2017

July 21 marked a milestone at Life Care Center of Cleveland as it hosted its 30th annual Mr. and Ms. Life Care pageant.
After interviewing 14 residents, the judges from the Pilot Club of Cleveland announced the 2017 reigning duo, Violet Carr as Ms. Life Care and Robert Lee as Mr. Life Care.
“The surprise was wonderful,” said Mr. Lee, a former salesman from Bradley County who answered questions about his traveling days and his collection of model cars. “It feels good to be Mr.
Life Care.”
“I am very proud I won,” said Ms. Carr, a former seamstress from Missouri who answered questions about her travels as well. “I am thankful and am trying to live up to it. I pray for this place and everyone in it – they are good to me and people my age.”
The judges reached their decision only after extensive deliberation, and then presented several other awards to the participants, including Prettiest Eyes, Ms. Congeniality and Best Interview. 
Mr. Life Care had two runners up – Elmer James as the first runner-up and Elwood Sperry as the second runner-up.
Likewise, Ms. Life Care also had several runners up. Esther Houser was named first runner-up, with Barbara McKinney placing second runner-up, and Alice Thomas awarded third runner-up.
Beecher Hunter, Life Care Centers of America president, crowned Mr. Lee, Ms. Carr and the runners-up.
Life Care Center of Cleveland also presented a new award this year, the Vicki Hood Most Spirited Award, in honor of Ms. Hood, former activity director at the center who started the pageant in 1987. Ms. Hood now serves as director of business development for Life Care Centers of America’s Eastern Division.
“I’m very honored to be thought about,” said Ms. Hood. “I was a brand-new activity director when I started the pageant. It’s extremely humbling.”
The very first Vicki Hood Most Spirited Award went to resident Mitty James.
As Mr. and Ms. Life Care, Ms. Carr and Mr. Lee will take part in various community events throughout the year.
In addition to facility staff and volunteers, several local organizations help make the pageant possible each year, including the Pilot Club for judging, Prior Attire consignment for the ladies’ clothing, and Hair Graphix for hair styling.

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