HCDE Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson Announces Transition Team

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hamilton County Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson Friday announced his transition team. 

The team brings together industry leaders, community members, national experts, and HCDE personnel to ensure a fast and seamless transfer of power, said officials. “The community will be key to ensuring HCDE is a world-class education system,” Dr. Johnson said. “Our goal is to be the fastest improving system in Tennessee and these leaders will help form our path.” 

The newly announced transition team will include: 

Bill Kilbride - Chattanooga Chamber 
Emerson Burch - Artistant Group
Elizabeth Baker - Parent 
Rev. Ernest Reid  - Second Baptist Church 
Gini Pupo-Walker - Tennessee Equity Coalition 
Stacy Johnson - LaPaz
Heather McIntyre - HCDE- Teacher 
Nathalie Strickland - Strickland Public Relations
Matt Busby - Camp House 
Andrew Scarbrough - Causeway/PriceWaiter
Dr. Steve Highlander - HCDE
Hodgen Mainda - VP Community Dev- EPB
LaKweshia Ewing - Business Owner
Maura Black Sullivan - COO- City of Chatt
Joe Wood - Battelle For Kids 
Jason Tyszko - U.S. Chamber Foundation 
Sarah Morgan - Benwood Foundation 
Saunya Goss - Principal 
Davd Steele - Chatt Chamber- Ed Policy
Donna Mason - State ACT 
James Tucker - UTC- McKee Chair of Excellence 
Pete Cooper - Community Foundation 
Edna Varner - Public Education Foundation 
Dr. Sharon Harper - TN Core 
Marty Lowe - Wsi Workforce Solutions 
Indira Dammu - TN Score 
Dan Liner - HCDE TEA
Laura Hessler - VP BCBS- Talent
Jared Bigham - Chattanooga 2.0
Franklin McCallie - Retired Educator
Robin Copp - Principal 
Lee Sims - Principal 
Theresa Turner - TEA UniServ Coordinator Dist 7
Gladys Pineda Loher - Chatt State- Professor 
Charles Spencer - TVA
Leslie Travis - TCAT
Bo Walker - State of Tennessee
Dr. Everlena Holmes - Community Organizer 

“I believe that every facet of a great school district is a commitment to student success," said Dr. Johnson. "As a community, we must clearly define what a successful student looks like, create a plan of action and ensure that it is implemented with fidelity.  The main goal is to ensure student success through proper alignment of internal and external resources, adequate structures and effective leadership. We will have a laser-like focus on ensuring we are doing everything we can to prepare fully students for their future paths and the opportunities that await them.” 

The five Transition Team focus areas and drivers are as follows: 

1. Student Achievement: We must ensure that All students (economically disadvantaged, EL and various sub-groups of students) are on track to master core subject content in reading, math, social studies and science through, high-quality tier I instruction, effective instructional frameworks, as well as, the appropriate classroom and school resources.  

2. Postsecondary Ready: We must ensure that all students have equitable and relevant access to Early Post-Secondary Opportunities, college and career guidance.  

3. Talent Development: We must recruit, train, retain, and compensate our most valuable assets, our employees, through a sustainable and competitive strategy.  

4. Organizational Efficiency: We must ensure the appropriate structures (district and school-level), budgeting processes and effective use of all available assets (all investments) are realized with a measurable return on investment.   

5. Communications and Stakeholder Engagement: We must shape our own image and define who we are as a system. We must ensure that all stakeholders are informed in a timely, easily accessible and convenient manner. We must also ensure that parents and community partners are engaged appropriately and efforts are aligned to maximize  positive student outcomes. 

These Transition Team subgroups will have eight weeks to share opportunities Hamilton County Schools can incorporate into the district’s new Strategic Plan.

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