Jazzanooga: Honoring A Legend Through Music And Education

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Since Jazzanooga’s inception in 2011, one of their primary goals has been commemorating noteworthy musicians, artists, and performers of color that have called Chattanooga home.

"We are proud to announce our newest efforts on placing national attention to the man dubbed as 'the most sampled drummer in the industry,' Clyde Stubblefield," officials said.

Mr. Stubblefield, a self-taught percussionist who grew up in Chattanooga, and has been dubbed was known primarily for his collaboration with James Brown. Mr. Stubblefield’s most well-known jam was recorded on Brown’s Funky Drummer and has been sampled time and time again by artists such as LL Cool J, George Michael, and Kenny G., to name a few.

Jazzanooga will be presenting Bringin’ Da Funk; a series of educational and musical events throughout the next several months that pay homage to the late Mr. Stubblefield, and will host a free community wide drum intensive for young gifted musicians during its 2018 Jazzanooga JAM Festival in April 2018, named in Stubblefield’s honor.

The first installment of the series will be held on Friday, Sept. 29 at The Water House Pavilion starting at 7 p.m. featuring Yattie Westfield, co-director of Solomon Family Solutions’ Project Chance and Art of Noise Academy.

"Project Chance / Art of Noise Academy is a mentoring program focused on providing music instruction for at risk youth and children unable to afford music lessons. Project Chance is one of our many services aimed to assist those most in need.  Their goal is to provide a positive and safe environment for at risk youth and children to learn music at no cost," officials said. 

“I decided to partner with Yattie on this ongoing project because we both clearly understand that music education is essential to providing positive gateways for our youth," said Shane Morrow, director of Jazzanooga. “The late Clyde Stubblefield is a brilliant example of how music can effectively change your life.”

Proceeds of the event will go directly to both organization’s Youth Music educational initiatives.

"Join us as discuss the impact that Mr. Stubblefield has had on the music industry and experience a live musical performance with Yattie Westfield, along with Marcus White (keys), Jared White (drums and bass), and Jon Wimpee (guitar). This is an event that you don’t want to miss," officials said.

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