The River Maze In Ocoee Returns For 13th Season

Monday, September 18, 2017
The corn maze
The corn maze

“Over the River and Thru the Woods” is the new, challenging design for the corn maze and “To Grandmother’s House We Go” is the theme of the soybean maze at Birch Land Ocoee Farms (home of The River Maze).  Miles of trails have intricately been carved into a corn field and a soybean field on the banks of the Ocoee River.

The corn maze this year is a tribute to Grandma.  Guests will find Grandma’s favorite recipes posted in the maze and a scavenger hunt to find our “Who Stole Grandma’s Delicious Dessert?” The Soybean Maze will feature the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  

The River Maze will feature more attractions as Birch Land Ocoee Farms starts its 13th season. There will be a concession and bakery and kettle corn scheduled some weekends. Home grown pumpkins will be found on the ride to the pumpkin patch.

To celebrate the grand opening on Saturday, The River Maze is offering free admission for three sets of service people: teachers, ministers, and military personnel.  Bring official ID for entry. Another special weekend will be Oct. 6-8 when The River Maze will be partnering with CASA of Bradley and Polk counties, once again, to host “CASA Weekend at The River Maze”. For this weekend, CASA will receive 1$ for every ticket purchased. 

The River Maze will be open September 23, 24, and 30 and all through October until the last Sunday, Oct 29.  Hours are Friday from 5-9 p.m, Saturday from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Field trip hours, during weekdays, are available by reservation.

The River Maze is three miles east of Ocoee on US Hwy 64.  Cost is $10.98 for ages 3 and up. This includes all mazes, all activities (with the exception of those named below) and the hayride. In addition, cow train rides, corn cannon shots, face painting, and pumpkin painting will be available through the purchase of tokens.  For those who want pumpkins, they will be for sale.  If visitors want to come for pumpkins only, the trip to the pumpkin patch will be $5 along with the purchase of pumpkins. Discounts are offered for groups and field trips. For more information or to make reservations, call 650-0710 or visit

The River Maze attractions:
The “Jump Pad, the two 30 foot tube slides, a Spookley – themed timed maze (Tag with Spookley and Friends), Barnyard Basketball and Football, Tether Ball and more. 

There are also two smaller mazes, “The Animal Maze” and “The No Left Turn Maze.”   

Interactive “passports” are available for groups and the general public. Each contains 10 questions that quiz the user on a chosen subject, and those who answer the questions correctly will receive clues that guide them along the correct path to the exit. Subjects include: sports, boy scouting, girl scouting, scriptural, American history, interactive, teambuilding, and agriculture.  

The new scavenger hunt through the maze this year will be “Who Stole Grandma’s Delicious Dessert?”  Find all the checkpoints and solve this puzzle. Also have a “Corny” Scavenger Hunt throughout the property. 

We have made our maze “smart”.  You can use your smartphone for trivia questions and the checkpoints.  You can scan the code at our entrance or go to the website, Group leaders, you can use this website to customize your own questions for your youth. 

The River Maze caters to school field trips during the day and has created an education campaign that includes: lesson plans and activity sheets for teachers, discounted field trip opportunities, and an educational “passport” that can be custom designed by our staff or you can do it yourself at It integrates what students are learning at school into the maze experience and helps guide students along the correct pathway. Teachers can access curriculum materials and field trip information online at Field trips can also be scheduled by reservation 

In an effort to make the experience as easy or as hard as visitors want it to be, the maze has been divided into two phases: beginner and expert. Participants will have the option to continue on to the next phase or exit the maze at the entrance to the second level. 

Customized activities have been added for birthday parties, corporate outings and group rivalries/races.  

The River Maze has its own pumpkin patch. 

Other  attractions include “Corn Toss”, and “Corn Ball” 

Visitors can still meet Spookley the Square Pumpkin, the Official Spokes-Pumpkin for National Bullying Prevention Month, to raise awareness for bullying prevention.  Another Scavenger Hunt, “Where is Spookley?” will be offered for young maze goers. 

A concession stand and bakery will be available featuring bar-b-que, hot dogs, etc. along with desserts. 


The soybean maze
The soybean maze

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