"Expressions" Art Exhibit And Grand Re-Opening Of Michael's Fine Arts In Dalton Set For Oct. 6

Monday, September 18, 2017

Michael’s Fine Arts and Framing will bring the styles of three women together for an art show from Oct. 5 – Nov. 30. 

Judy Wright, Faye Wolfe and Janice B. Kennedy will come together for a show called "Expressions," to show how as individuals they express themselves through their chosen art styles. 

"Judy Wright grabs your attention with art that leans more towards the abstract. She is an intuitive expressionistic painter who has dialogue with the canvas, listening to the art to let her know when it is complete.  An example of this is seen in her rich and bold painting of Hazy Run. Her fearless approach to her art keeps the viewer enthralled with its depth.

"Faye Wolfe is a contemporary artist who is a self-professed happy painter who likes to use bright colors.  This feeling can be felt in her painting of Lady and Music, which was done with much movement and a feeling of lightness. While diverse, her primary subject matters are urban areas and women dressed in their finest.  

"Janice B. Kennedy has a more impressionistic approach to her creative side, loving to bring light and contrast into her art. Her painting of Meadowlands is an example of this inviting style. She builds her paintings by beginning with a complex background of strokes, color and textures that provides an interesting backdrop to her lyrical art. She is also always on the lookout for found objects that can be used in her art. Using primarily watch parts, she has created a wall assemblage called Time Flies," officials said.

Meet these three local artists and experience the blended rhythm in a reception open to the public on Friday, Oct. 6, from 6-8 p.m. at Michael’s Fine Arts, 1325 Dug Gap Road in Dalton.  This coincides with the grand re-opening of Michael’s newly renovated gallery.

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