Clay County Sergeant Bill Moulton Receives Award

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TWRA Sergeant Bill Moulton received the prestigious Governor’s award for his work as a first responder. Moulton was nominated by the Safety and Homeland Security District in which he works. This district includes Overton, Clay and Jackson Counties. 


0001pt;">As a senior member of the TWRA Unified Dive Team, Mr. Moulton has taught and assisted in several first responder trainings for area agencies on topics including side-scan training and body recovery training. Moulton has also responded during natural disasters in Clay and surrounding counties.


He has aided in swift water recovery efforts during flooding events and was heavily involved with shelter work in the 2015 ice storm. He also assists during drownings or anywhere else there is a need. Mr. Moulton provides further services as a TWRA canine officer. He and his canine partner Chip have been involved in innumerable search and rescue cases along with evidence recovery over the past six years. Chip was involved in over 35 cases last year alone.


When asked what he enjoys about partnering with other agencies Mr. Moulton said, “It’s great to be involved in partnerships that serve the greater community. There are no boundaries during emergency events, just support for people in need.” His established relationships within his county and beyond have provided services for citizens that reach past those of his normal duties.


Mr. Moulton has been a wildlife officer in Clay County for over 28 years. His longstanding commitment to public service is evident beyond his connections with other agencies. He also has a tremendous heart for area youth. He initiated the archery in the schools and fly-fishing in the schools programs in Clay County. The archery program has been successful and will expand beyond the high school level to younger students, if teachers are willing to be trained. Mr. Moulton’s partnership with the Friends of Dale hollow Fish Hatchery has provided fly-fishing classes for all ages.


Mr. Moulton sees youth involved with drugs and alcohol as a challenge. He said, “I want kids to have a positive focus and direction. This can be fishing or hunting. We’re surrounded by nature and outdoor activities can be a gift when introduced to youth.” He has watched many children in his community grow to adulthood. He said, “I am delighted when they accomplish things in their lives. I hope that I’m giving to this community to add to their success.”


Mr. Moulton’s regular duties take him face to face with sportsmen and women from all walks of life, which he greatly appreciates and enjoys. He said, “I appreciate these interactions and seeing sportsmen and women enjoy our natural resources. Whether I’m checking licenses or hearing about the big one that got away, I like meeting people.” Mr. Moulton is first to say that he doesn’t do anything that any other wildlife officer wouldn’t do. He might be found on a tractor plowing a WMA field or diving to find invasive mussels for the Dale Hollow hatchery. “It’s just a normal job to me,” shared Moulton. TWRA is fortunate to have so many caring employees. The agency is happy to see one of their own recognized for outstanding achievements that stretch far beyond normal duties. Congratulations Sergeant Moulton.              


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