The Woman In Black Conjures Halloween Fear During October At Mars Theatre

Friday, September 29, 2017
Zachary Randall portrays an actor who brings to life a dark power during the retelling of a ghost story
Zachary Randall portrays an actor who brings to life a dark power during the retelling of a ghost story

Back Alley Productions will host its annual Halloween show and is producing the "terrifying and haunting story" of the Woman in Black. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. through October.  

Keeping with tradition, there will be a midnight show on Saturday, Oct. 28. Attendees to the midnight show are encouraged to come in Halloween costumes to receive a free large popcorn. Tickets are available online at, or at the lobby 30 minutes before showtime.  The holiday shows tend to sell out fast.  The historic theater is at 117 N. Chattanooga St., in LaFayette. 

Review for The Woman in Black: 

The framework of this spinetingler is unusual. Set in an abandoned theatre, a timid lawyer hires a professional actor to tutor him in the performing arts. The goal, the lawyer explains, is for him to learn the art of acting in order to retell a horrifying story that has long troubled him, all as a form of catharsis. The tale itself concerns dark events that transpired after the funeral of an elderly recluse. It was then that the lawyer first caught sight of the Woman in Black, a terrifying figure whose mere mention frightens the locals... for anyone who sees her befalls unimaginable horror. 

“Our company is a huge fan of Woman in Black,” said director Kaylee Smith. “We’ve wanted to do this story for several years. There’s just something wonderfully chilling about using the theatre to bring a ghost story to life. It’s a rare treat for our area because only a few production companies in the country are allowed to produce this show this year. But the wait is worth it because a good ghost play is hard to come by.

“Sure, ghosts float in and out of a lot of Shakespearean dramas, and we use ghost lights to keep the theatre lit when no one is there. There’s plenty of theatrical superstitions out there.  But this is the only play I know of that’s a full on ghost story designed to make you jump out of your seats.

"The play’s fear factor thrives in its simplicity.  It consists of two actors, some props, and a cocktail of sound, light and fog that plays on the inherent fears and imaginations of the audience. Oh, and a heavy dose of the unexpected and downright creepy. 

“This isn’t a scary movie that’s happening on the screen, allowing you to look away if things get too intense. This is a good old fashioned ghost play that deserves a lively audience. A true horror rollercoaster, set in an immersive black box theatre. It’s in front of you, around you... behind you... all happening live, with real actors, and real screams. And that makes it that much more fun to be scared. We had a big hit with last year’s War of the Worlds, and know our audience loves these kinds of unique shows. Diehards and dabblers of all things haunted will not be disappointed.” 

Because of the level of horror the show aims to invoke, families are advised not to bring small children who could be easily frightened. Visit for more information.

Zachary Randall portrays an actor who brings to life a dark power during the retelling of a ghost story
Zachary Randall portrays an actor who brings to life a dark power during the retelling of a ghost story

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