Thousands Expected To Participate In Chattanooga Women’s March On Saturday

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The 2018 Chattanooga Women's March will be held on Saturday with organizers expecting thousands of participants.

Ginger Moss said, "We will gather at Coolidge Park starting at 11 a.

m. We will have a few speakers starting at 11:30, and then the march will begin at noon. Upon returning to the park, we will feature a few more speakers before wrapping up at 3:00. Throughout the event, we will have music, tables for local women-run businesses, and food trucks in the area.
She said one participant said, “I will be marching because I have seen a rollback in women’s rights over the last year. My goal is to stand next to my sisters and raise my voice against what is happening in this country.”
Candy Janish, one of the march’s organizers, stated, “As I march, searching for signs held by little hands with pride, my heart swells to see the wonder and strength in the children’s faces as they look with admiration at the people they love standing up for what is right.  I march to show the youth that they do not have to stay quiet when faced with injustice and inequality, and that there are always others that will stand and fight with them.”
Rev. Alaina Cobb, the MC for the march, said:
I march to remind myself and others that the power to change our world is within our grasp.
I march because someone marched for the rights I have today.
I march because the work of liberation is not done.
I march for my daughters.
I march for my sisters.
I march for me.
Ms. Moss said, "We’ve organized the 2018 Chattanooga Women’s March to elevate the voices of marginalized women. This event is an opportunity to come together in non-violent activism to speak up and begin organizing for things that will address gender inequality in our community.
"The Women’s March is part of a long tradition of protest marches organized and participated in by women throughout our nation’s history. Last year’s march grew out of a need to have our voices heard in a time when politics is becoming increasingly partisan and the policy that comes out of that political climate often disregards women’s rights to sovereignty. This year’s march should be a continuation of that effort. Coming out once in the face of injustice is powerful, but continuing to come out, to speak up, to band together, to demand better—that’s when sustained effort can turn into real change.
"Get close to the things that keep gender inequity alive, and do your small part to dismantle them. Being vocal about these issues on social media is an important part of activism in the 21st
century, but it’s a single piece of the puzzle. Get involved in events like this one. Bring your friends. Tell people why you march. Get involved in organizing events meant to bring better living and working conditions to women in your area. Run for public office, or work to support women or do. It’s easy to get overwhelmed doing work like this, but in those moments, think of the Suffragette Alice Paul, who said, 'I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.' We’re all working on this together."
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