Perry Stone Ministries Launches International School Of The Word

Friday, January 19, 2018

Perry Stone Ministries of Cleveland, announced the launch of International School of the Word (ISOW), an affordable online Bible College whose primary purpose is to Connect the Word with the World. For many, receiving a biblical education is cost prohibitive, leaving students with loan debt or struggling to finish school. With this understanding, Perry Stone and Dr. Bryan Cutshall have developed an institution that provides sound theology, good doctrine, and practical teaching at a reasonable cost.

ISOW’s certificate courses have been set at $60-$150 per course, depending on the amount of content. ISOW believes a sound biblical education should not come at a high cost or weigh down countless hours of time. A person of any age or financial status should be able to seek knowledge about the Bible. 

While traditional online courses for biblical studies can require 17 hours or more a week, ISOW offers a wide variety of course content that allows students to study how they choose and when they choose. For the Certificate Program, there are no limits to the time a person may take in completing a course. If a student decides to take a few months between each course or take courses back-to-back, ISOW offers flexibility. With video courses, expository studies, and reading curriculum, students can engage in whatever way works best for them.

Officials said, "ISOW’s cutting-edge teaching style is geared toward the technology-driven, fast-paced culture in which we live. Students will be able to choose subjects à la carte and watch dynamic teaching from qualified professors, largely uninhibited by prerequisites, core subjects, or large weekly time commitments."  

ISOW also understands that some people wish to pursue the traditional path of earning an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies. Therefore, ISOW is partnering with another Christian College and will be offering accredited courses later this year. 

For more information and to register for certificate courses, visit or call the ISOW office at 423-641-8367.

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