General Bell: This Government Shutdown Is Outrageous - And Response (6)

Monday, January 22, 2018 - by General (Retired) B. B. Bell
General (Retired) B. B. Bell
General (Retired) B. B. Bell

The day before yesterday two Army Apache Attack Helicopter pilots were killed in a crash during training at Fort Irwin, Ca.  The pilots and their unit were preparing for a future deployment to combat operations.   

As a result of the government shutdown, none of the spouses or families of these pilots will receive a dime from the United States Government in immediate compensation to assist in the myriad of expenses associated with the death of a soldier.  This is shameful.  While I usually do not take sides in political debates and arguments, this outrageous reality means that the Democrats hold the resolution of illegal immigrant issues supreme over the needs of the families of soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their nation. 

Democrats, please -- please -- immediately withdraw your demand that illegal immigrant issues be resolved prior to funding our military -- a military that is training for and indeed deployed to combat in order to preserve our freedoms.  Your decision to place the resolution of illegal immigrant issues above the needs of families of sacrificed soldiers is beyond outrageous and totally unforgivable.  In the name of God, please stop this insanity. 

I pray that American citizens will hold Democrats accountable at the polls for this stunning cruelty to our soldiers and their families. 

General B. B. Bell
US Army (Retired) 

* * * 

I am in total agreement that this government shutdown is outrageous, especially since the military does not get paid but our Congressmen and Senators do.  However, do not blame the Democrats only.  All sides are culpable -- Democrats, Republicans and the President. 

Shame on you for bringing up grieving families versus illegal immigrants.  I feel for the grieving families and I feel for the children that were brought here illegally.  You should not play the political game on something like this.

Vicki Hill

* * *

Thank you, General Bell, for your excellent assessment of the shutdown. I’m sure you don’t remember me, but we were in ROTC as freshmen and sophomores at the same time at UC from 1965-67. 

I am sure many remember in 2013 when the administration weaponized that shutdown by bringing in trucks and workers (who should have been furloughed) to put up yellow tape, orange cones and aluminum fencing around the national monuments in DC. Hard to miss, it was highly covered by the subjective news media. Even a group of octogenarian vets were refused admission into the WWII Memorial until some members of Congress cut the tape. And at Reagan Airport, only one TSA Station was in operation creating horrendously long lines and waits for passengers. 

Who ordered the tape, cones and fencing? Who reduced the TSA staff? What party and administration punished Americans in order to point blame on Republicans? The answer is the same party that now wanted to shutdown the government placing illegals welfare ahead of American citizens. 

After losing around 1,000 seats in legislatures, Congress and state houses over the last nine years, they haven’t changed. If anything they are pushing their party farther to the Left and away from the average American. An example of this is after the Trump Tax Cut, many businesses, to the complete surprise of Democrats, began funneling those savings into the paychecks of their valued employees. 

What was Nancy Pelosi’s response? “Just crumbs,” she glumly said to the T.V. cameras. But to the average American worker, $1,000 or more is not crumbs. It just points out how out of touch Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats are. And the Schumer Shutdown further highlighted how they value illegals over American citizens. 

Again thank you, General Bell, for sharing how the shutdown hurt American citizens. 

Ralph Miller

* * *

I am puzzled how anyone (in this case Vicki Hill) could equate any moral equivalence between Americans serving and even dying to protect our country and anyone who was brought here illegally at any age to enjoy the benefits that American citizens paid for, especially our gallant servicemen and women.  I wish Vicki and other liberals were as exercised over the plight of American citizens like the hundreds of disabled Tennessee children that didn't receive assistance because of the hundreds of the children of Samoli refugees brought to our state by Obama that bumped our kids down the list.  Our state officials were not even given advance notice of these refugees that The Catholic League sponsored. 

As an Air Force veteran, I suggest  that you accumulate the years of service and understanding leading our brave servicemen and women like General B. B. Bell has before you attempt to question this honorable man.  A hero that has devoted his life defending our country.  Somehow. your uninformed criticism of the General's devotion to God, country and those that have protected even you, is only surpassed by those that "take a knee" when our National Anthem is played. 

Bill Reesor

* * * 

According to SNOPES, on Veterans Day weekend a picture of a group of deported veterans saluting the American flag went viral. The caption suggested they were deported veterans who'd served in the U.S. military and its recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They were standing at attention on the Mexican side border in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. I once walked across the border from El Paso, Tx. into the town of Juarez back in the 1980s.  The town looked as if someone had bombed it decades ago and never bothered to return to rebuild it.  

That picture that went viral on Veteran's Day weekend had actually been taken a few months prior in May during another significant holiday, Memorial Day. People were skeptical that America would deport veterans who'd served in the U.S. military, defending the country. Many thought the picture was fake. Guess what, the picture is true. America is deporting veterans who have served the country and served it well alongside anyone else ICE snatches up. I hope people will understand that when they bash those of us who wish for America to show compassion on the immigration issue. Are we a nation of compassion? Or a nation that use some of the most vulnerable then kick them to the curb when they're no longer needed to fight a war or for their cheap labor? 

Then you wonder, who might be next? My brother-in-law served in Korea during that conflict. He was with a unit of engineers that built the roads for military vehicles to travel and much needed supplies could be delivered. While in Korea he gained rank over rank.  When his unit returned home they were busted back down to Private, given a severance pay of about $300 (I still have his DD 214 separation papers), discharged and basically told "see ya' later" when bodies are needed to fight in the next war.   

When I see those suffering, frighten faces in fear of being deported, I see reflections of of my own uncertain journey in America and the faces of all those before who, during their journey, have faced rejection, uncertainty and dangers. I especially see the faces of my seven brothers.  All who served in the military, and the dangers they often faced, both in the military and out. One, no more than 17 or 18 years of age when, on a ship heading to Germany was interrogated and threatened with being thrown overboard after another sailor or soldier (white) on the ship lied on my brother because that other soldier/sailor  didn't want the truth to come out that he'd been involved in some illegal activity on the ship. If not for a ship monitor, working undercover to investigate any illegal activity on that ship heading to Germany, happening into the interrogation room my brother was being held, and telling them they had the wrong guy, there's no doubt in my mind during that time, early '60s, those interrogators would have followed through on their threat. That brother would go on to serve two tours of duty in Vietnam as an infantry soldier serving in the U.S. Army. Making a career out of the military. Go on to be an investigator with the Department of Defense, retire from there too. And that the promise of America, even amid the darkness. Or at least it should be. And that's the promise of America for those more possibly 800,000 undocumented and their families, or it should be. Because that's who and what America is. Or should be. Otherwise, everything about the nation is a lie. A fabrication. A hypocrisy. Hype. A farce.  Hot air.  Those 800,000 dreamers deserve a chance. 

Brenda Washington  

BTW- It's true. During interrogation, at least in those days, they really did place their victims in the middle of this dark room with a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. And the interrogators were hidden in the shadows where they couldn't be identified. It's not just movie stuff. Just in case, by some chance, their victims survived?  

* * * 

My father was a decorated World World ll soldier, a ranger who was wounded on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.  He was a great man and was my hero.  Weirdly, though, society didn’t award him omniscience on anything else in life.  His opinions were just his opinions.  His politics were just his politics.  I don’t actually remember him using his military status to proclaim himself an expert on anything else – he would have found that ridiculous and presumptuous, like Hey I got a Purple Heart on D-Day, let me tell you what I think about the government shutdown and especially those Democrats who don’t love our country like the military does.  It would never have occurred to him.

Cindy Rudolph 

* * * 

General Bell was not protesting against illegals, he was protesting the fact that the government was shut down over an issue that had zero to do with the budget and everything to do with politics.  The same people over and over again post the same things and frankly living in the past is a very negative practice.  

Yes, this is a country of immigrants, legal immigrants.  The folks that are the most agitated over the DACA "kids" (they're adults) are the legal immigrants who went through the proper channels to gain citizenship.  One has to wonder why these "kids" haven't made a effort in the past 20 years to become legal citizens. 

I personally believe the only people that have a firm understanding of what is happening is those that live in border states who have to put up with the crime, the added expense to state and local governments and the loss of high paying jobs (construction comes to mind).  And it's not just the 800,000 "kids", it's the 3,000,000 relatives that will also enjoy whatever benefits these "kids" gain through Nancy and Chuck's plan to add voters to the roles. 

No, I do not think they should be deported, yes I think there should be a path to citizenship but no, no, no do I think all their relatives should come in with them.  Chain migration adds 400,000 people to our population every year.  When I see the illegal aliens protesting, shutting down a business and demanding citizenship I quickly want them all gone, they are not helping their situation.  Go down to Mexico and attempt to shut down a business or protest and see how quickly you find yourself in a situation you won't like.  This amnesty idea didn't work when Regan tried it and it won't work if our President caves, history always repeats itself if lessons are not learned. 

Bleeding heart liberals like the one who bashed General Bell should experience illegal immigration in a border state...she'd be pleading for the law to be upheld within minutes.  It's easy for someone in Chattanooga to have a liberal opinion on the subject, talk to the folks in Tucson or El Paso or the folks that live off of Highway 8 in Arizona where there are state signs posted warning drivers not to stop because of illegals and that their safety is in jeopardy.  Disgusting that this is happening in America.  Build that wall and have the illegal aliens get in the appropriate line. 

Sue White

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