Area Members Of Congress Respond To Trump State Of The Union

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann said following the State of the Union message, “Tonight President Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address with the loud and clear message that under his leadership we will continue to build a safe, strong, and proud America.

"Since taking office, President Trump has kept his promises to the American people by undoing burdensome regulations, skyrocketing economic growth, and putting the interests of Americans first.

Tax reform has returned jobs from overseas, and almost instantaneously, hardworking men and women across America received bonuses, putting more money directly in their pockets – just as President Trump promised. In fact, I was proud to invite Mr. Loong Yong, a small business owner from Tennessee’s Third District, to be my guest to the President’s address tonight. Dr. Yong embodies the American Dream, and I am honored he was able to join me for tonight’s historic moment.

"I echo the President’s message to our men and women in uniform, that we will fulfill our promise to ensure their safety as they continue to fight for the safety of our nation. We owe it to them to work to rebuild our military, and provide all members of the armed services with the resources essential for defeating terrorism and to secure the protection of our country.

"In addition to unprecedented economic success and the restoration of our military, President Trump addressed a myriad of other issues, from trade to immigration and infrastructure, with an encouraging tone of optimism that is reflective of our American values. It was my privilege to attend President Trump’s first State Of The Union, and I am fully committed to the President’s vision of a safe, strong, and proud America.”

Rep. Scott DesJarlais said, "President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union Address was a welcome return to a spirit of American optimism. Instead of resigning ourselves to a future of economic stagnation, the New Normal, as the previous administration called it, I believe we can look forward to healthy economic growth, more jobs and rising wages.


            “Because the mainstream media rarely credits our accomplishments, the speech presented an excellent opportunity for the President to speak directly to the public, showing more appreciation for tax cuts now that they are law, and the benefits are real.”


            Rep. DesJarlais voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which President Trump touted in his address. He said, Companies across the country are paying big bonuses, 401K contributions, and higher salaries, and the best is yet to come. Billions of dollars of investment will pour into the United States, and employees will keep more of their earnings. That’s why consumer confidence and other indicators are hitting marks we have not seen in years.”


            He pointed to "foreign policy successes that appeared in the President’s address as well. Political leaders who refused to seriously confront ISIS insisted the U.S. must learn to live with terror. While Islamic terrorists remain a danger, and we must strengthen our borders and other security, our new Commander-in-Chief has allowed commanders and troops in the field to do what they do best – destroy the enemy.


            The so-called ISIS caliphate in Iraq and Syria has been demolished.”


            Rep. DesJarlais is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. This week, he voted for a defense appropriations bill that he said reforms Pentagon spending, increases soldiers’ pay, and enables the military to repair outdated equipment and acquire the latest technology. He said, "The President’s respect for the armed forces was evident in his address, and Republicans in Congress share it. Now we need to convince our colleagues across the aisle to set politics aside and help us provide for the common defense, our number-one duty.”


Senator David Perdue said, Tonight, President Trump delivered a message of optimism that all Americans need to hear. Overall, the president’s first year in office has been nothing short of a huge success. The results speak for themselves. The economy is on the cusp of a turnaround, we’ve had two quarters of 3% growth, Americans are seeing the benefits of the tax cuts, 2.4 million new jobs have been created, and 860 rules and regulations have been reversed.


“Americans now have an outsider, business guy in the White House for a change. He is moving at a business-pace, not a bureaucratic-pace. His focus continues to be delivering on his promises and getting results for the American people.


“As he laid out tonight, rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, strengthening our military, negotiating fair trade deals, and fixing our broken immigration system are all big ticket items we need to tackle. While Americans have witnessed great success, there is still much to do. I believe in the President’s agenda and I am committed to helping him continue delivering results for Georgians and the American people.”


Rep. Tom Graves said, "Tonight, we heard President Trump’s vision for a strong, secure and prosperous America. 

"But this is the part of the night where TV pundits offer reviews and stir up Washington drama.

"So - I just want to highlight some clear results from the president’s first year in office:

"The economy is booming. We have the lowest unemployment rate in 17-years. Businesses and consumers are more optimistic than ever.

"Tons of government regulations are being rolled back, and – at last – American businesses have room to breathe.

"Tax reform is a major success.

"Companies are announcing new jobs, bonuses, benefits and investments in America almost every day.

"Millions of American workers have new opportunities to achieve their dreams.

"And that’s after just one year. 

"Great things are happening in our country. I’m excited to see what we can do in 2018."



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